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Charlie: Super Bowl Over/Under and Pick Six Game

On Fridays addition of the Charlie Bernstein Show, we have arranged some great games. The over/under game and the pick six game, check out the questions and tune in to hear or chime in with your opinion.

Over/Under Game

1. Joe Flacco has 250 ½ passing yards

2. Joe Flacco has ½ interception

3. Ray Rice has 67 ½ rushing yards

4. Anquan Boldin has 4 ½ receptions

5. Torrey Smith has 65 ½ receiving yards

6. Colin Kaepernick has 232 ½ passing yards

7. Colin Kaepernick has ½ interception

8. Frank Gore has 82 ½ rushing yards

9. Michael Crabtree has 79 ½ receiving yards

10. Randy Moss has 2 ½ receptions

Pick Six Game:

1. What will be the more important stat- Time of Possession or Passing Yards?

2. Who has more rushing yards- Ray Rice or Frank Gore?

3. Who will be a bigger “X-Factor”- LeMichael James, Bernard Pierce, Jacoby Jones?

4. Who do you have for Super Bowl MVP- Flacco/Kapernick or the Field?

5. Who will be the best defensive player in the game?

6. Chicken wings or Pizza?