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Marcus Spears Gives Outlook of SEC Conference

SEC Network’s Marcus Spears talks to Jerry O’Neill about the outlook of the SEC Conference. Why you should listen: SEC Network’s Marcus Spears talks to Jerry O’Neill about his playing days playing at LSU under then Head Coach Nick Saban


Tuck: NFL Tougher On Domestic Violence Than NBA And MLB

If you think the NFL handles domestic violence poorly, you'll be stunned how the NBA and MLB punishes it.


ACC/SEC Football Talk With Brent Beaird's Brent Beaird discuss the top NCAA Football stories with Tuck and O'Neill

Ray Rice

Tuck: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Should Not Be Fired

Being in charge is never easy. You make enemies even when you attempt to do the right things because agreeing on proper punishments is something our society struggles with.

Ray Rice

Ray Rice Suspended By The NFL Indefinitely

Tuck and O'Neill comments on the newly release Ray Rice elevator footage

Big Ten Logo

Tuck: B1G Disaster

It's early, but it's shaping up as an ugly season for the B1G which has only 7 unbeaten teams left after a disastrous weekend.

Miami Dolphins

Sunshine State NFL Preview

Tuck and O’Neill previews  the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Seasons. Why You Should Listen :  Tuck and O’Neill preview the Miami Dolphins season with Orlando Alzugary of 560 WQAM in Miami. Orlando Alzugary on Tuck


The NFL Season Is Finally Here!

Bleacher Report's NFL National Lead Writer Michael Shotty discuss the top NFL stories with Tuck and O'Neill.


Tuck: Playoff Selection Committee Should Encourage Great Games

How will the selection committee judge the outcome of the Spartans game at Oregon? It will probably determine if we keep getting these great non-conference college football games.


Better Schedule: NFL Or NCAA

Who has the toughest schedule?