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JT Brown

JT Brown Plays Xbox, Golf During Offseason

We talked to JT Brown about what he does in his free time.


Which Rays Players Will Get Traded Or Dropped?

Steve Kinsella weighs in on the season.

Blake Cooper

Blake Cooper: How ‘The Maze Runner’ Actor Got Role By Using Social Media

The Maze Runner: Blake cooper The Maze Runner opened in this theaters this past weekend and it sits at the No. 1 spot in the box office. Blake Cooper plays the role of Chuck in the film and he

Randy Couture

Randy Couture Is Focused To Win Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars: Randy Couture The Power Hour crew of Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges spoke with MMA legend Randy Couture about his current adventure on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Listen to the complete Randy Couture interview

Adrian Peterson

Can We Blame The NFL For Off Field Conduct?

Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges, hosts of The Power Hour, talked with sports psychology consultant Sandesh Bilgi about Adrian Peterson and the violent culture of the NFL.

The Remaining

Casey La Scala Talks New Movie “The Remaining”

Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges, hosts of The Power Hour, talked with writer-director Casey La Scala about his new movie 'The Remaining.'

Corbin Bersen Psych

Corbin Bernsen Wants The NFL Back In LA

Corbin Bernsen on Major League and Super Bowl I Actor Corbin Bernsen of Major League and LA Law fame spoke with Sports Talk Florida about his new film Born to Race: Fast Track. The conversation led to the lack

Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel “Topanga” Dishes on Who Taught Her How to Throw A Spiral

The girl we all know and love as Topanga Lawrence in Boy Meets World is now all grown up and dishing about her life as a child star in the 90’s. Danielle Fishel spoke with Sports Talk Florida editor Amanda

Ray Rice

How The Media Took Control Of The Ray Rice Case

When the video of Ray Rice punching he fiance was released Monday, the media took the reigns of his fate. On The Power Hour, hosts Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges talked about the case, their opinions, and what can

Lovie Smith Says Bucs Have Time To Improve

What Does the Bucs’ Loss Mean for The Season?

The Power Hour crew, Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges talked about the Buccaneers’ loss to the Panthers on Sunday and to help them get the conversation started, Sports Talk Florida Bucs Insider Tom Chang came on the show to