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Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel “Topanga” Dishes on Who Taught Her How to Throw A Spiral

The girl we all know and love as Topanga Lawrence in Boy Meets World is now all grown up and dishing about her life as a child star in the 90’s. Danielle Fishel spoke with Sports Talk Florida editor Amanda

Ray Rice

How The Media Took Control Of The Ray Rice Case

When the video of Ray Rice punching he fiance was released Monday, the media took the reigns of his fate. On The Power Hour, hosts Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges talked about the case, their opinions, and what can

Lovie Smith Says Bucs Have Time To Improve

What Does the Bucs’ Loss Mean for The Season?

The Power Hour crew, Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges talked about the Buccaneers’ loss to the Panthers on Sunday and to help them get the conversation started, Sports Talk Florida Bucs Insider Tom Chang came on the show to

Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton Talks Fashion for Athletes and How to Look Good

Whether you are an athlete, someone with no sense of style, or someone who thinks they know everything about the perfect wardrobe, fashion designer and style expert Nicky Hilton has some tips for you. The sister of Paris Hilton

The Power Hour

The Power Hour Full Show: NFL Controversies, Incognito Drama, VMAs Gossip

If you missed The Power Hour Monday night, have no fear! You can catch the full episode, right here. On Monday night’s show, Amanda Borges had guests Rob Brewer of Sports Talk Florida and Roy Cummings of the Tampa

Broncos' Wes Welker

Football Talk: Hard Hits in the NFL and 2014 Heisman Candidates

Football season is back and so are the conversations about who will be the best of the best. During The Power Hour, host Amanda Borges spoke with Sports Talk Florida’s football insider, Rob Brewer about problems in the NFL

Richie Incognito

Will The Bucs Sign Richie Incognito?

The Power Hour crew of Amanda Borges and David Botello talked with Bucs beat writer Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune about former Dolphins

Connor Barth

Connor Barth Talks Preseason Kicking Rule and Best Cars On Team

The Power Hour crew of Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges talked with Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Connor Barth.


Can The Rays Make It To The Postseason?

The Power Hour crew of Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges talked with Sports Talk Florida Rays insider Steve Kinsella about the state of the Rays.

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins Takes The Power Hour To School

Power Hour Interview: Henry Rollins The Power Hour crew of Matthew Sardo and Amanda Borges talked with punk rock icon Henry Rollins about his show  10 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT, new season premiering on H2 Saturday, August 16th.