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Kristy Swanson

Kristy Swanson Chats About Golf, Buffy and Bill Murray In A Dress

“She’s a heroine character and that’s awesome,” said Swanson. The Power Hour host Matthew Sardo spoke to Kirsty Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) about her new endeavor as a designer, Buffy’s popularity and her proudest moment in her film


Chris Burnham Talks About Nameless, Grant Morrison and Podcasts

The Power Hour host Matthew Sardo spoke to Chris Burnham of DC Comics about his new book Nameless that he co-created with Grant Morrison. Burnham is a New York Times best seller from Batman Inc.


Mike Perkins Talks About The Mythos Of Star Wars And The Legacy Of Deathlok

The Power Hour host Matthew Sardo talked with Mike Perkins from Marvel Comics about the new Star Wars episode coming out in December and to discuss his new series Deathlok.

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg Is On Trade Block After Nats Acquire Max Scherzer

The Power Hour host Matthew Sardo spoke with Sports Talk Florida MLB insider Steve Kinsella about the latest trades and rumors in MLB this offseason


Seattle Win Or Green Bay Loss In The NFC Title?

Tom Veit On Green Bay’s Choke Against Seattle In The NFC Title Game Tom Veit is giving his take on the Green Bay Packers choke job and what could’ve gone better and/or differently in the case of their big

Dick Fain

Dick Fain Of 950 KJR On The Seahawks Keys To Victory

Dick Fain Has The Seattle Point Of View After Their Overtime Thriller Dick Fain of of 950 KJR in Seattle is with Tom Veit to talk about the Seahawks come-from-behind victory against the Green Bay Packers in last night’s

Mike Petraglia

Containment Is Key If The Patriots Want The Super Bowl Win

Mike Petraglia of On The Patriots Strengths And Weaknesses Mike Petraglia of joined Tom Veit on The Front Office to talk about the Patriots big AFC Championship win and their match up with the Seahawks in the

Terrell Davis

Broncos Super Bowl Champ Terrell Davis On Gary Kubiak Hire

Terrell Davis Says Gary Kubiak Is The Guy For The Broncos Former Broncos Super Bowl champ and now NBC Sports Radio analyst Terell Davis is with Tom Veit to talk the Super Bowl and Denver’s new head coach hire.

Gary Kubiak

Will Gary Kubiak Fit With Peyton Manning’s Offense?

The GM Tom Veit spoke to Terrell Davis of NBC Sports Radio about Gary Kubiak signing with the Denver Broncos as head coach.


USF Softball: What to Expect in 2015

USF's Softball Head Coach Ken Eriksen previews the 2015 season and talks future of USA Softball with Eric Lopez