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TB Bucs Schedule: .500 Puts Us In The Playoff Conversation

Roy Cummings On TB’s Schedule Release And The Potential For An 8-8 Season Roy Cummings of TBO on the NFL schedule release and where the TB Bucs have potential to make 2015 a .500 season. We looked over the


Was Overconfidence To Blame For The Bolts Game 3 Loss?

Erik Erlendsson On Overconfidence & Adjustments For The Lightning TBO’s Erik Erlendsson joined Tom Veit today to preview game 4 between the Rd Wings and the Bolts and talk about TB’s overconfidence in their bad game 3 showing. A


Tampa Prep Basketball’s Joe Fenlon On The Important Of Building Chemistry

Joe Fenlon Talks Team Chemistry From High School Through Professional Basketball Tampa Prep basketball coach Joe Fenlon was with Tom Veit today talking the importance of chemistry no matter the level of a basketball team. You’ve been in the


Rondo In Dallas: The Pros No Longer Outweigh The Cons

Kurt Helin On Rajon Rondo’s Bad Attitude And Lack Of Success In Dallas Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk was with Mike and Jerry to talk about Rajon Rondo’s self-sabotage as a member of the Dallas Mavericks. Carlisle said


Is It Worth It For Florida to Build New Spring Training Facilities?

If you look at a Spring Training map of Florida throughout the years, you will notice that teams keep jumping from area to area and that a good many teams have left the state and relocated to Florida. At

UCF Spring Game

UCF Football’s Post-Spring Game Outlook for 2015

Eariler this week, UCF Insider Jeff Sharon joined Tuck & O’Neill to discuss the aftermath of UCF’s Spring Game and look ahead to the Summer of 2015 and what the Knights have to do to defend their conference


Assertiveness Is Key If The Bolts Want To Recover

Rick Peckham On The Lightning’s Lack Of Assertiveness In Their Loss To Detroit Lightning play-by-play announcer Rick Peckham joined Tom Veit today to talk about TB’s need for more assertiveness as they continue their playoff series with Detroit. What


Is It Finally Time We See Danica Patrick Take Home A Win?

Jerry Bonkowski On Danica Patrick’s Consistent Start & Potential To Win Jerry Bonkowski of NBA Sports had a lot of NASCAR news to talk with Tom Veit about today and he also elaborated on Danica Patrick’s strong season thus


Dolphins Eye Tampa Native Nelson Agholor In The NFL Draft

TJ Rives On The Miami Dolphins Potential NFL Draft Choices TJ Rives of TuneIn joined Tom Veit today to talk about NFL draft news and the Dolphins potential to draft Tampa native and UCLA WR Nelson Agholor. Miami, do

Rays Injury Update

Drew Smyly Return Marks First Legitimate Rotation Of The Season For TB

Roger Mooney On Drew Smyly’s Return To The Rays Rotation Roger Mooney of TBO was with Tom Veit today to talk about his conversation with Rays manager Kevin Cash & Drew Smyly’s return to the rotation. Alright so you’ve