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Cheers To Thomas, Who Never Needed The Juice

Frank Thomas once said of me, “I’d like to stick a bat up his ass sideways.’’ My retort was that he probably wouldn’t make contact. This was at a stage in his career when Chicago didn’t love him very

Tony Dungy

Dungy Wrong To Cloud Sam With Personal Beliefs

Tony Dungy always has been admired for his honesty, his open mind, his willingness to reach out and help human beings in difficult circumstances. This is a man who visited Michael Vick in prison, when the rest of the

Olympics: Basketball-Men's Gold Medal Game-USA vs ESP

All You Need Is Love, And Story Writes Itself

Trading Andrew Wiggins is not a dilemma. It’s a mandate. Why would Dan Gilbert, a dreamer who is trying to save a decrepit downtown Detroit and a businessman who flew his private jet to Florida so he could grovel

Tiger Woods of the U.S. up his putt during the first round of the British Open Championship at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake

Why We Need Tiger Contending In The Majors

It would be easy enough to dump him into a spam bucket, or banish him to cloud storage. If we’re squarely in a 21st-century world now, didn’t Tiger Woods say “Hello, World’’ back in 1996? When he last won


Grooved Pitches Expose All-Star Game As Farce

The guardians of Baseball America are denouncing Adam Wainwright. They’re calling him a cheap facilitator for grooving hittable pitches to Derek Jeter in his All-Star Game farewell — and calling him a dumb ass for publicly admitting as much.


With Cup Win, Messi Might Be Greatest Ever

To call for a referendum on Lionel Messi, the greatest player in the world’s most important sport, is to spot a wee wrinkle in a glorious sun. Yet we see this constantly in America — legendary athletes who haven’t


Arm Epidemic Jeopardizing Baseball’s Future

You hear guffaws from the pinstripe schadenfreuders, the haters who rejoice every time an enormous expenditure by the New York Yankees turns bad. But nothing is funny about the elbow problems of Masahiro Tanaka. He is the latest pitching


How Does America Not Root For Billy Beane?

As you may or may not know and may or may not care, the “Moneyball’’ movie was filled with convenient Hollywood embellishments. Those A’s won 103 games. They had the league MVP in Miguel Tejada and gifted young rotation


Without Shame, ESPN Steals Credit For Scoops

One day last summer, as NBA free agency started, I texted my radio producer and predicted what would happen in the reporting of the Dwight Howard story. Someone other than ESPN, I said, would break the story that Howard


Brazil Suffers Shameful Pummeling It Deserves

When tears spill like cascades, making a mess of so much green and canary yellow facepaint inside an angry and stunned stadium at Belo Horizonte, the obvious must be asked: Is it time for a futebol-mad place like Brazil