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Fantasy Football Shame, Loser Recreates ESPN’s the Body Issue

Now days when it comes to Fantasy Football, you never know what to expect…so it should come as no surprise that a fantasy football loser had to pose for a handful of embarrassing pictures as he recreated some memorable

Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles

Inside the Redzone: Fantasy Football News & Updates

FANTASY FOOTBALL NEWS We are nearing the end of the second week in preseason in the NFL.  After this week, we are only two Sunday’s away from the start of the fantasy football season. 38 Most Awesome Free Fantasy


What are PPR Leagues and Why You Should Join Them

FANTASY FOOTBALL NEWS: PPR LEAGUES If you want the most out of your fantasy football experience, you should join PPR leagues because you receive a true value of everyone on your roster. For those of you who are playing


The Great Fantasy Football Debate for the 2014 Season

FANTASY FOOTBALL NEWS As we dwindle down towards the final weeks right before the fantasy football season is about to begin, there are several questions that still need to be answered. According to a study, employers are losing an

Fantasy Football Player

Trends in Auction Leagues for Fantasy Football

FANTASY FOOTBALL: AUCTION LEAGUE TRENDS The trends that are happening in auction leagues can fully prepare you of what to expect when you are in one and it can help you figure out how to build your team. Fantasy

Peyton Manning

Most Overvalued Players In Fantasy Football Drafts

FANTASY FOOTBALL NEWS: OVERVALUED PLAYERS While you are selecting players during your fantasy football drafts, you want to make sure you are receiving the most out of every pick you do have. Jumped on w/ @SDistrictRadio talking over / under


Why You Should Draft A Tight End Early In Your Draft

FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT TIPS: TIGHT ENDS Tight ends are very thin this season in fantasy football and it is important you draft an elite one early in your leagues draft. FANTASY FOOTBALL RANKINGS: The 36 Best Tight Ends In


Top Players to Target In PPR Leagues in Fantasy Football

FANTASY FOOTBALL NEWS: PPR LEAGUES If you want to do well in PPR leagues in fantasy football, you have to target specific players in order for you to succeed. PPR leagues changing #fantasy draft mentality: — The Waiver


Third-Year Wide Receivers Who Will Breakout in 2014

FANTASY FOOTBALL NEWS: THIRD YEAR WIDE RECEIVER THEORY In fantasy football, there is a theory which proclaims third-year wide receivers at the position are due for a breakout campaign after two full seasons in the NFL. #omspirit #olemiss Randle


Top Comeback Candidates Who You Should Draft

FANTASY FOOTBALL NEWS: COMEBACK CANDIDATES Fantasy football comeback candidates are players you should draft in order to give you a competitive edge over other owners in your league. Mark my words: this year will be the year of comeback