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Carmelo Anthony Doesn't Want Anybody To Worry About Him

Source: Dan Feldman, NBC Sports

AnthonyThe Knicks are last in the NBAs worst division, and though Carmelo Anthony is certainly not the main culprit for his teams poor early showing, his play has regressed significantly from last season.

Hes going to become a free agent this summer, but in the meantime, James Dolans Knicks are crashing an burning around him.

Anthony, Aia Adam Zagoria of TheKnicksBlog:

Nobody should be worried about me. Im going to be fine, Anthony told reporters Monday. Im not even thinking about contracts or BS like that. Ill think about that in the offseason. Right now, my duty is to lead this team to win some basketball games, hopefully to win a championship. Thats my duty. Nobody should be worried about Carmelo Anthony.

Sure, the Knicks might have to rebuild or overpay so-so players in a doomed attempt to stay competitive. But if they choose the former route, their upside is even higher than with Melo.


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