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Bulls Hard Foul On LeBron Upgraded To Flagrant

After the Bulls snapped the Heats 27-game winning streak, LeBron James wasnt pleased with the physical way that Chicago played him defensively, and lamented the lack of flagrant fouls called on two specific plays.

Those comments apparently made their way to the league office, where at least one play from that game was reviewed, and it was decided to be worthy of a retroactive upgrade to a flagrant one foul.

The foul that was upgraded came on a baseline drive from James, and after he went up for a shot on the other side of the rim, Gibson swung his right arm, presumably to attempt to block the shot, but caught James squarely in the head instead.

The two plays James was referring to, however, including this takedown from behind by Gibson which appears to be worse than the one upgraded, remained regular personal fouls.

Its clear the league wanted to take James comments seriously, because it cant have its best player simply butchered throughout the course of the game, only to have it written off as good, physical defensive play. Itll be interesting to see what effect, if any, James comments end up having on the way he and the Heat are officiated throughout the postseason.


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