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Bucs Should Prepare For Jets Geno Smith

New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith spoke to the media Thursday night after he watch the final preseason game form the sideline. Smith reflected on training camp and his plans to prepare as the starter for the week one game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On what he learns by watching from the sidelines?

Mental reps. Lots of mental reps. Just seeing how Marty (Mornhinweg) calls the games (while I was) standing right next to him, having that earpiece in and hearing every single play that goes in. It gives you a chance to play situational football when you?re not in and I think it?s really helpful, especially for me not having played (in) many situations in this league. It?s very helpful.

On if he wanted to play?

Like I said, I just go by what the coaches tell me to do and they decided for me not to play tonight. As a player you always love to play, never shying away from any competition, but I was advised not to play so I had to follow orders.

On when coaches told him he would not play?

About a day ago in practice, or probably before practice, (I) got the word and that?s pretty much it.

On if he fought to play?

No. I understand exactly what?s going on here. Obviously you?ve got to prepare for the regular season and in our current situation with Mark (Sanchez) being down, you just can?t take any risks. So I think that was pretty much the reason for it.

On if he is approaching this week as the starter against Tampa Bay?

Yes, sir. Business as usual. That?s something that I always do and whether or not I am or am not (starting), I will always approach it the same way. So, I?m going to continue to study hard. I?ve already watched a ton of film on the Buccaneers so far, so I?m just going to work extremely hard and prepare my mind and body for this upcoming game.

On his ankle?

It?s getting better day by day. It?s slowly progressing and getting better. Hopefully by the time the games come around I?ll be 100 percent. (I?m) still getting a lot of treatment and just (taking) it day by day.

On if he has been told when the team will name a starter?


On if he feels he has played enough to be comfortable as the opening day starter?

Well, I felt comfortable when I first played. I felt comfortable last week. I think that?s kind of just my demeanor. Whether or not I?ve played enough, who?s to say? It?s very hypothetical. I?ve definitely gained a lot of experience in my time in the games and whether or not I?m ready, we?ll find out on gameday and I think I?ll be ready for it.

On if coaches have talked about contingency plans for him playing Week One?

No. Not at all.

Source: New York Jets Media


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