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Bucs Schiano Defeated Before Season Starts?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media Friday afternoon with injury updates, a Revis update and an outlook towards the week one match up against the New York Jets.

(On the players injured in last nights game)

[Running back Peyton] Hillis, although sore, I think hell be okay. [Tight end Tom] Crabtree I think, hes got a significant ankle sprain, what that means, I dont know timeline yet. Well see. [Cornerback Rashaan] Melvin has a hamstring [injury], we dont know how significant yet.

(On running back Mike James eye injury)

That were not sure on yet, where that lies. You dont hear on that very often so I think we need to delve deeper into that to figure it out. Im not sure exactly what the cause was. Im not sure hes sure.

(On if the players hurt last night will be available for Week 1)

Too soon to tell that.

(On if Crabtree sustained a high ankle sprain)

I believe it is. I dont know how high though. The issue is, the higher up, the harder it is to get back, or rather, the longer it takes to get back, generally.

(On how he felt the team did during the preseason)

I think we learned a lot. I think the people that we felt needed to play significantly, played significantly. The veteran guys that we feel didnt needed to play; I think we did just about how we wanted it. Some of the results werent exactly what youd wished for, but then again we were about as disjointed as you can be. At the end of it, we had some injuries, nothing that right now is year-long stuff, which is a positive. Looking forward now, turning to an opponent, locking in with set guys, putting all of our focus into [that] this is our first one-game season and thats what were going to do.

(On if tackle Gabe Carimi will start in place of injured guard Carl Nicks)

Its too soon to call that

(On if the team has finalized any of their position battles)

[We are] in the process. Today and tomorrow will be some long days, a lot of thinking, a lot of comparison and discussion and then well set the team.

(On if Nate Byham is the next option at tight end)

Nate is definitely in the equation. There are some other guys in there as well.

(On finalizing the 53-man roster)

Like I said, were in the process of evaluating everything and sorting through. Our whole goal is to have the best 53 players, yet slotting them into positional needs. Hopefully you dont find yourself in that spot where you are disproportionate in any position and were not, so now its within the positional needs, who are the best however many defensive lineman when you get to the end of it, this guy [is] incrementally better than this guy at his position so [for] player 51, 52, 53 [we] may make some decisions that way. Special teams also comes into play in a lot of that.

(On getting through the preseason with no significant injuries)

That was one of our missions, one of our goals. So in that area I think we did pretty decently. Carls thing was kind of a freak thing that you cant predict. And then like you said, this last game kind of got us at a couple of positions, but thats life in the NFL. You figure it out and move on and figure out the next best solution if guys are not going to be able to play. So overall, pretty good in that department.

(On his concerns for the team moving forward)

We just need to continue to improve as a football team, in every area. I wouldnt even call it a concern; thats my goal. Were far from being the team that were going to be. As long as we keep making improvement, were going to be just fine. But we need to continue that. You cant get into a lull because practice changes now. Youre in shoulder pads once a week, youre in scout teams, so youre not getting ones-on-ones [starters-on-starters] anymore. So, how do we continue to improve as we did in training camp? How do you continue to improve with that being the practice setting? Thats a big job, and you have to change your mindset to do that.

(On Glennons performance throughout the preseason)

I thought he was solid. I thought he learned, got better. Last night wasnt his best performance, and I told him, Hey, once in a while, youre going to have one of these. Dont have too many. But this guys not your typical rookie. He just didnt have a great night.

(On the improvement of defensive end DaQuan Bowers)

Hes getting there. Where youd like him to be, youd like him to be starting, playing every down. But Id like every guy to be that. Everybodys progressing at a different rate, and I think DaQuan is progressing; thats good. As a coach, you always want it to be faster, and quite frankly, Im sure the player does as well. But were working through it, and were getting better, and thats all that matters. What I said for the whole football team applies to DaQuan as well: If he can continue that climb, hes very talented and would be a really good player.

(On if cornerback Darrelle Revis is still on track to play Week 1)

Yeah, like Ive said all along, as you prefaced it, as long as there are no setbacks, thats the plan.

(On impressions of cornerback Johnthan Banks performance so far)

Johnthan Banks impressed me. [Hes a] fierce competitor; [he has] skills. [Hes a] rookie, but the tools are there, and he got better.

(On what Banks needs to work on)

Overall corner play. Theres not an area that hes particularly weak in. Hes got good length, good anticipation. Hes a football player, loves it; [hes] tough. He just needs to continue to get better.

(On what kind of team this group has shaped up to be)

Probably a better question for me Monday, because Ive got to figure out exactly who those guys are. But I like our team; I like the names that were choosing from, so I like our team. Are you ever satisfied? No. But these guys love football, and theyll be ready to play come opening week.

(On what will be the toughest roster decision before roster cuts)

Theres a lot of them. I wouldnt get into that now. Right now, theres still guys in that room who dont know whats happening, so theyll be the first to know it not on a tweet or something; thats fairness to them. Its a hard day. This is a good group of people, and theyve busted their rear-ends for this organization; we work hard around here. Guys have pushed through pain and done things. Sometimes its just as I tell them its relative. Its the most competitive sports league in the world; 1696 guys get to do it when its all said and done, in the whole world. But that doesnt lessen the disappointment at all for these guys. Todays a special day for some and a really bad day for others, but at the end of the day, its probably not as good as people think, and its not as bad. This league goes like this (in a circle). These guys that are here are good football players and tough guys, so theyll probably resurface, a lot of them, somewhere else.

Source: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media


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