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Bucs' Edwards: "I Always Was an Underdog"

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected guard Kadeem Edwards on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

(On if he had any interaction with Tampa Bay during the draft process)

Yes, I had a workout for the Buccaneers about a month ago. The coach loved me and he stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process.

(On what he needs to improve on)

I need work on my body, thats first and foremost. My strength and my pad level I think are the key areas that can help me excel in my game if I improve them.

(On how excited he is to come back to Florida)

Im very excited. Its home, theres nothing better.

(On how much playing in the Senior Bowl helped him in the draft process)

It helped me out a lot because it showed me a pro-style tempo of practice and its good competition. It was just slowed down and a lot faster. I had to really get in my playbook and do the whole I studied a lot, but I really had to get in my playbook and execute my assignments.

(On the transition from FCS football to the NFL)

I think the experience at the Senior Bowl helped me out a lot. The major leap, its not a problem. Im not afraid of anyone, they put their pants on just like I put my pants on, so if they line down, were going to war.

(On if he had any basketball background)

I played a little bit in high school, but it was mainly for conditioning. I wrestled and played a little bit of high school basketball.

(On if he has a problem switching from the left side to the right side)

No sir, not at all. I think it will enhance my game. I want to play all three inside [positions], so I think going to right [guard] will really help me a lot.

(On playing in a run-heavy offense)

I love the run. I think if you can take a person out of his game in the first three plays of the game, if you hit him before he hits you, its telling him its going to be a long day. I like a run-style type of offense.

(On learning from guard Carl Nicks)

Its going to be great. Im just going to piggyback off him and be like a sponge and see what he has to offer me and see what his learning curve is so I can adapt to the NFL just like he did.

(On what we through his mind when he got the phone call)

It was a lot of emotions; it was a lot of relief. I finally know what my destination is. It was great. Ill be back home with my family and its a lot of stuff, overwhelming, but it was joyful at the same time.

(On what the difference is between players who make it in the NFL and those who dont)

Its the drive after they get drafted. They think once they get in the NFL, everything comes easy; therefore they think they can just sit back and relax and they dont have the same mentality that got them there.

(On his mentality)

I always was an underdog, so its nothing for me to come in and work. I like to earn stuff because respect is not given, its earned. I just want to come in and I just want to show everybody that I am from a Division 1-AA school, but I am here to compete with the best.

(On what he thinks is his ideal playing weight)

A lot of teams want me to put on a lot more muscle mass. If I can still be athletic, it really doesnt matter.

(On his impressions of Tampa Bays offensive line coach George Warhop)

Hes a teacher, he makes sure you get your craft and your technique right and hes really a hard worker, but he makes sure you understand the game inside and out. He makes sure youre smart enough to know the game and on the backend makes sure youre physically ready.

(On who he patterns his game after)

[Washington tackle] Trent Williams. I like Trent Williams, hes real aggressive, hes a hard-nosed tackle. Carl Nicks as well because he did play for the Saints, but I think hes small-school guy as well. He gave me a lot of inspiration patterned my game after his.

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media


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