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Bucs Darrelle Revis Updates Rehab


(On if today was the most work that he has done since his knee injury)

Yeah, thats the most work that Ive done, which is great. [Im] taking it one day at a time and just trying to get as many reps as I can. Today my knee has been feeling good and its good for me to get into team activities and get out there and start running with the team.

(On how he is recovering and if he will play against Miami)

Its day-by-day. Thats how weve got to approach it. I feel real great today. Theres been no swelling, and hopefully tomorrow its even better than that. [Were] progressing up to the game, so well see. If I do play, that will be a call on that day, if Im up or down. I think thats the game plan and I think thats how weve got to approach the situation.

(On if he feels like he needs to play in the preseason)

In the past, I didnt play [in the preseason]. [During] my 36-day holdout with [the] Jets, one time, when we were on Hard Knocks, I did not play the whole training camp or even preseason. Ive done it before and I think this time I have a little more knowledge on that deal, that situation, of going and playing the regular season, so I think Ill be fine if that is the case.

(On how important he feels that playing in the preseason is)

I dont know. I think the biggest thing is practice. Getting those reps in, getting your legs up under you, I think thats the biggest thing. The game is the game. Youve got to go out there and give it your all and just play. I have a lot of experience in that area, Ive played in a lot of games. I think practice, you need that chemistry with your teammates and you just need to get your legs up under you.

(On if it would be strange to play his first game as a Buccaneer on the field where he injured his knee)

Ive never thought about that, thats a great question. You know what, if thats the case then that [is] the case. I feel confident in my knee, so thats how I have to approach it: just go out there and get my reps, if I do play against Miami.

(On how important it is to stick to his rehabilitation plan)

I think with this whole situation, we dont want a setback. At the end of the day, everybody has an opinion, youve just got to approach it the right way, and I think thats what were trying to do. Were not trying to have a setback. Weve got 16 games [this season] and I want to be out there all 16 and even in the postseason, so I think thats the approach and thats how weve got to look at the whole thing.

(On how confident he would feel if he did not get any preseason playing time)

Yeah, like I said, Im a confident player and Im an aggressive player. Once youre out there, bullets are flying out there and youve just got to go play and do your job at the end of the day. Trust me, most of us in this locker room, we play hurt all the time. Some guys might be 80 percent one week, somebody might be 95 percent. Thats just how you play, you just play with toughness, you go out there and just play and do your job.

(On taking another step in his rehabilitation process today)

I think this was a huge step today. Just getting out there and running, getting my run fits, getting my calls. [It was] up-tempo type of stuff I was in there doing, so I think it was a huge step for me. It was a huge day for just being out there and moving around and not even having any problems. Nothing no soreness at the end of practice, no swelling so I think its a huge step for me.

(On whether he typically experiences swelling and soreness after practice)

No, not recently. Usually it will be one of those next-day type deals where there will be a little swelling the next day, but usually after practice there has not been, which is a big step.

(On his participation in practice today)

I did one-on-ones where I lined up against [wide receiver] Vincent [Jackson] today twice, I did it twice and I think [practice] was short a period today, but I went up against him twice and even in team period, I went up [against Jackson]. We did a lot of run today, run-team stuff, but, yeah, I was out there. There werent any problems. He was coming at me full speed like the big guy he is and I was out there just playing.

(On the importance of contact during practice)

Ive been doing that a little bit with the one-on-ones on the side with some of the receivers. Like I said, football is simple. Its basically like an alley fight. If someone pushes you, you push them back. Its that type of deal. Im a football player and thats what we do. You have to go out there and compete and just play the role.

(On when he feels he will play)

Were not trying to hide anything here with secrets or anything. Its either Im ready or Im not ready. I think everyone has a good grasp of that, [General Manager] Mark [Dominik], Coach Schiano as well. When Im ready to go, Im ready to go full-tilt. Today they were kind of looking at me like, Are you OK? and Im like, Im out here, Im ready to go. So, like I said, its a day-to-day thing. Its all predicated on how I feel day-to-day.

(On if he feels he is being treated too carefully)

Just coming off this major knee injury, you have to be [cautious] a little bit, and thats what were trying to do. Like I said earlier, we dont want any setbacks. I want to be out there all 16 games to be able to compete and win games out there for this team.

(On if he feels he will play in the regular-season opener on September 8)

Im confident. Its day-to-day, but Im confident. Its still weeks away and we still have time. We still have time for my knee to even get better and better, so I think thats just how we have to approach it and look at it.

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