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Broncos' Coach Fox Says Team will Adjust to Any Type of Weather

On using pads during practice:

I think at the end of the day, thats why you play the game. I think our guys have reacted to it pretty well. They expect it. We have a couple of routines that you get into. Every year is different. Every team is different. I think this team reacts best when weve done that, and its going to be no different this week than prior weeks.

On if he thinks Michael Strahan deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in light of Warren Sapps comments:

First of all, I think its a shame thats going on, but I believe Michael does deserve it. I believe he deserved it a year ago. Thats my personal opinion. But the actuality is, he was a great leader. He won a Super Bowl. I think he exemplified what our league is about in a very positive light, both on and off the field. And so I think hes the perfect candidate, and I know if I had a vote, hed have mine.

On if being weatherproof is a mentality:

We lost a game a year ago in the playoffs in the single digits. We havent had much practice in that. Our weather had been actually pretty darn good in Denver. I think its actually a pretty well-kept secret, Denvers weather. But this year, weve gotten a little more calloused. We have had wind. Weve played in single digits. Weve practiced in single digits. Like anything, the more you do it, the better you get. I think weve been exposed to it, so it wont be foreign. How we perform in it is yet to be seen. I think thats true with both teams, and thats why you play the game.

On being a coach in St. Louis:

Steve Ortmayer was an acquaintance that I knew in the league. He was actually the general manager there, so we had met while at the Raiders. I was back in St. Louis and he had said, Would you like to be a consultant? Look at some free agency tape. That was when free agency was kind of -- departments were getting bigger and more active throughout the football season -- so it was actually perfect. It fit well. I really appreciated Coach (Rich) Brooks and Ortmayer bringing me in, and so it was about a four-month period of time where I broke down pro football tape and evaluated potential free agents for them, and also got to stay on top of what was going on in the league.

On whether he shared an office with Mike Martz in St. Louis:

I dont know if youd call it share. I stole his office. Hed be out at practice and thats when Id watch my tape. I got yelled at a couple of times for leaving it messy, but other than that, thats where I did watch my video. Yes, I did.

On if he wishes the Super Bowl were tonight rather than having to wait until Sunday:

The schedule is the schedule. I think if they want to adjust it, they can. Well be ready. Im sure the Seahawks will be ready. Its kind of what we do. Obviously, I hope it stays on schedule, to be really honest with you. Im kind of a schedule guy.

On what his thoughts are on the possibility of the elements not factoring into the game on Sunday:

What I figured out about the weather is, you just wait five minutes and it will change. Its changed a bunch of times already. Well just wait and see. Really, you just kind of wait until game day. You get out there in pregame. You get used to the stadium, if its not a familiar stadium, and you get used to the elements as they are at kickoff. So regardless of what happens, whether its nice or not nice, well adjust.

On how to get CB Chris Harris Jr. and DE Von Miller able to contribute for the game after being placed on IR:

When youre a decision maker, you have to draw the line. And in my experience in being in that role for some time now is that depending on where you are on that line, youre not going to please everybody. So we took the approach with the IR guys, theyll come in tonight. Theyll stay at the team hotel. Theyll be with the team. We have a pretty large group were managing, with practice squad, as well as our 53-man active roster during the week, and theyre all, not all of them, but most of them have the opportunity to play in the game. So I think the organization, Pat Bowlen and John Elway, Ive been places where they didnt even bring them today. They get a chance to enjoy the experience. They, of course, sacrificed and have committed something to that effort, and theyll get here today.



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