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Blake Bortles: There's a Different Comfort Level in Second Game

After the Jaguars' game against the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville QB Blake Bortles spoke to the media about how he thought the game went.

On the offenses play

I think it was good. We did some good things and our tempo was good. The outside zone is part of who we are and we were able toestablish that. Obviously there are still some things weve gotto work on but I think there was a lot of positive.

On Difference between first and second game

I think it was similar. I think there was some different throwstonight. I missed a couple throws tonight that I would like tohave back but I think they were both good outings. Both have alot of teaching tape in them and things I can work on.

On the pressure by the defense

They didnt do a whole lot. Its preseason so they werent going to show a lot. They did what we saw on film and what we thought they would do.

On his comfort in second game

Theres obviously a different comfort level with it being yoursecond game. You know its not your first game anymore. Youvedone it before. For the most part it did feel similar. It was agood experience being on the road. I thought we handled it well.Definitely would have liked to win but I thought we did somegood things.

On bootleg throw from endzone thrown away

We had a smash concept with a hitch and a bump on the corner.The guy that almost made the play was the guy who was all overthe route in the first place. I figured if he was all over thatthen he wouldnt be there. It was a high risk/reward throw and Ithought Chad [Henne] did a good job of making a play. It was avery difficult catch.

On the difference between first and second games

I think theyve been two decent outings. There are good thingsto learn from and bad things to learn from. Ill continue totake it in stepping stones and continue to get better.

On Chad Hennes play

It didnt surprise me at all. Thats who he is day in and dayout. He works his tail off and he had a great night. It was funto watch him move the ball up and down the field.

On Chad Henne in practice

Thats who he is every day. Its awesome to see him take itfrom the practice field to the game field and see him do itevery day.

On the pressure from defense

I think any time you get out of that practice mode into thegame mode where people can hit you - it changes the situationand the scenario when you can get hit. The offensive line did agreat job of pass protecting and keeping guys out of thepocket.

SOURCE: Jacksonville Jaguars Media


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