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Bills Marios Williams Deflects Injury Questions

Buffalo Bills DE Mario Williams spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon about his injury.

Training Camp July 31, 2013

Q: How sore are you?

A: Im fine.

Q: When did it happen and what has happened since?

A: Anything regarding it being sore or bruises, aches, anything like that, Coach is handling. Im pretty sure he probably already answered it. I cant because what has been said as far as amongst our team and how were supposed to handle those things, thats up to him to talk about. I cant discuss it.

Q: How did it happen?

A: I cant discuss it.

Q: Did it just pop up or did it occur before camp?

A: I cant discuss it. Im pretty sure hes handled it. I heard a little bit about yesterday and Im pretty sure he handled today. I mean I dont know what was said, but did he tell you anything?

Q: He said you needed rest and got an outside medical examination. Said you needed a couple days rest. Are you worried it could flare up in to another wrist situation?

A: No, not worried about it.

Q: We didnt ask him because we figured you would tell us. He just said it was a sore foot.

A: Maybe you could ask the training staff.

Q: Were not allowed to talk to them.

A: Oh man, I guess its a pretty tough world. (jokingly)

Q: So youre not worried its going to flare up again?

A: No, Im not worried at all. I just think its not that serious. I understand and I appreciate the concern and I know Im on your mind. Im alright.

Q: Its two years in a row; theres been a lot of confusion about you and a year. I know a degree of that is out of your control?

A: Most of it.

Q: Two years in a row a coach of yours has been put in a bad spot trying to explain your injuries. What are your thoughts on how that couldve been handled differently?

A: At the end of the day, the coach handles all the injuries. However he goes about handling it, like I said, thats out of my control. Were told from day one, from our policies and how we run, that anything involving, like I said, any ailments is discussed and brought to attention by him. Were all in this thing together. Were all on the same page. However he portrays it you guys, I dont know, but I know I got to honor my word and honor him as far as going off and just saying stuff. Thats the way he wants it ran, thats how its gonna be ran.

Q: Do you know when you can return to practice?

A: Nope. I think he said that didnt he?

Q: Did you participate in the conditioning test?

A: Yeah. You didnt see it? You werent out there were you? You guys couldnt be out there? Oh, yeah I did.

Q: When you first experienced the soreness, was there an initial fear that this might be something serious?

A: Nah.

Q: Are you concerned with missing practice time?

A: Id love to be out there obviously, but like I said this is precaution and Im just following orders.

Q: If there was a game Sunday could you play?

A: Theres not.

Q: Do you have a good grasp already of the defense?

A: Im all over it. Just all over it. Thats not a problem.

Q: So everything is basically installed right now, youre just practicing it?

A: No, everything is not installed, but I know it. Im in the book. Thats first and foremost most important. You cant go out there and play fast if you dont know it. I'm sure a bunch of guys are the same way, but thats very important to me. Especially in my position, doing the things I do. I got to know what Im doing, what the guys next to me are doing, so Im all over it.

Q: Why do you seem to seek second opinions on your injuries? Is that your philosophy?

A: Its not just my philosophy. Like I said, Im going off the training staff, but you guys cant talk to them, so you probably wouldnt know that.

Q: So you can see the spot were in.

A: Its a tough one man; were all in tough spots.

Q: You went out in pads this morning. Did you feel like youd be able to go? If so, what changed?

A: I knew somebody was going to ask that. That once again is a rule by Coach. When we come out, the dress of the day is the dress of the day. We come out together the same way, do it again depending on what happens, depending on what he tells me to do, regarding the next time itll be the same thing. The dress of the day is the dress of the day. If he said come out here in shorts, wed all be out here in shorts.

Q: So it wasnt a reflection that you thought you might be able to go?

A: I dressed for the day.

Q: With your wrist injury, you couldnt do lifting. With this do you have any trouble doing leg stuff?

A: Youre just trying to find every direction you can.

Q: No, last year became an issue because you couldnt build your upper body strength.

A: Im good.

Q: So, will it be more of what we saw out there today, working off to the side?

A: Until the Coach makes a decision and announces it. I dont know what else to say. I dont know.

Q: How do you find all of this? Do you find it amusing?

A: It is part of the business. Whenever youve got, the head man whatever he says goes. Im not going to sit here and step on anybodys toes. Im not going to sit here and go around the back to answer something about whatever. From day one, thats what it is. If anything is addressed about helmets, he does that. Im not going over the top of what he says. Im strictly about what he says. So all I can say is Im sure hell address if he hasnt already.

Source: Buffalo Bills Media


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