Greg Oden

Report: Greg Oden Arrested For Punching Ex-Girlfriend

Greg Oden was arrested Thursday morning in Lawrence, Indiana accused of punching his ex-girlfriend, according to Fox 59.

David Price

One Hour To Go In Trade Deadline

An hour left in the David Price sweepstakes and we are glued to Twitter. Not much of an update but this is the first we're hearing about it -- Yankees are in on the David Price rumors.

David Price

David Price Trade Looks More Likely Now

With Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester off the market and on his way to the A's with Jonny Gomes, a David Price trade seems much more likely

Jon Lester

Report: Jon Lester Traded To Athletics

Jon Lester has been traded to a team on the west coast, reports Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

John Danks

Marlins Have Had John Danks Trade Talks With White Sox

Fox Sports' John Morosi says the Marlins have been connected to John Danks talks

Jon Lester

Orioles, Pirates, Cardinals In Talks For Jon Lester

The Pittsburgh Pirats and St. Louis Cardinals are the two teams aggressively going after Jon Lester

David Price

Joe Maddon: “It Takes Two To Dance”

The Rays dropped the last game in their three-game series with the Milwaukee Brewers 5-0 Wednesday afternoon. It wasn't much of a showing


Marlins Are Involved In Jon Lester Talks

The Miami Marlins are in on the Jon Lester sweepstakes, but they won't surrender top prospect

Troy Tulowitzki

Rockies, Mets Not Talking Troy Tulowitzki Trade

A source involved in the situation says, "Unless we do speed dating, I think that's safe to say ."

Jon Lester

Jon Lester Scratched From Wednesday Start

The Boston Red Sox scratched Jon Lester from his Wednesday start late Tuesday night. This indicates that the club is trying to trade him and they don't want him to get injured.