NFL Blackout

Why Suspending NFL Blackout Dates Doesn’t Really Matter

Looking Back Proves There’s No Issue in Florida With the beginning of NFL Owner’s Meetings this week, Amanda Borges, host of The Power Hour, got the scoop on certain topics being discussed. Jacksonville Jaguars Radio Network Host and

FSU Women's Basketball, By Phil Kelly

Florida State WBB to Final Four: Only One Team Stands In Their Way

FSU Has as Good of a Shot as Anybody to Get to Final Four Photo by Phil Kelly With March Madness heating up and teams preparing for the Sweet 16, The Power Hour host Amanda Borges spoke with Brendan


Chip Kelly Secretly Wants To Sign Tim Tebow

What negative comments do people have about Tim Tebow? There seem to be a lot these days. One guys who sits in Tebow’s corner is apparently Chip Kelly. Around the NFL Writer Dan Hanzus reports that, at the NFL

March Madness

March Madness Begins: What To Watch

We know your secret. We know you won’t be getting any work done today. March Madness has officially begun and tonight, teams will play their hearts out to move on in the tournament. Here’s a preview of what to

Winston Vs. Mariota

Winston’s Announcement Overshadows Mariota’s Tampa Visit

Marcus Mariota is in Tampa today, visiting with the Buccaneers. But, another potential top draft pick is making headlines today. Jameis Winston will not be attending the NFL Draft. According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Winston plans to

Ezekiel Elliott

The Crop Top Debate: Should They Be Banned?

As a college football fan, I’ve watched as 19-year-old athletes run across the field with their jersey rolled up to reveal their ripped stomachs. While I appreciate the human body and I know they work hard for those abs

DeVante Parker

Dolphins In The Draft: DeVante Parker May Not Be Available

As we continue our tour around the state of Florida, let’s head down south, shall we? The Miami Dolphins have already made a splash in free agency, and with the 14th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, I assume

Dante Fowler Jr.

Jaguars In The Draft: Dante Fowler Jr.

The NFL Draft is a little less than two months away. You’ve heard the speculation surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and what they will do with the first pick this year, but there’s another Florida team that’s making their

Craig Robertson

NFL Free Agency: A Crash Course in Logistics

NFL free agency begins this afternoon and while you’re busy following your favorite players and which teams are doing what, I’m here to give you a little crash course. The salary cap is set at $143,280,000 per team. That’s

jags, fins and bucs

NFL Draft Prospects To Attend Class on Domestic Violence

The 2015 NFL Draft class is expected to be one for the books. With top recruits making headlines, everyone speculating what teams will do, and with free agency driving much of the conversation, the draft can easily be described