University of Miami Hurricanes program to get the Death Penalty?

Was the University of Miami out of control, or was Nevin Shapiro out of control?  That is the question the NCAA must answer to determine what the punishment should be for the Canes program. Not that anyone cares, but

600 home runs: Jim Thome is a no-brainer MLB Hall of Famer

Thome or not Thome, that is the question.  And that was a bad joke and a stupid question. Jim Thome hit home runs #599 and #600 last night against Detroit  joining one of the most exclusive clubs in sports,

Pittsburgh Steelers reputation saving them more ridicule this offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers.  Black and Yellow.  Terrible Towels.  The Rooney’s.  6 Super Bowl wins.  Troublemakers?  Lawbreakers?  Scoundrels?  Is the NFL’s model organization attempting to rewright their stellar image?  If this was the Cincinnati Bengals offseason, it would be considered

NBA stars playing overseas a bad sign for NBA fans

Call it nothing.  Call it no big deal.  I call it the trump card NFL players don’t have.  More and more players, especially foriegn players, are taking their talents across the pond to play basketball.  Even reports today suggesting