How long does Wil Myers have to wait before making his big league debut?

MLB Guest Jonathan Mayo: Prospect Watch and Wil Myers prospect expert Jonathan Mayo will be on the Charlie Bernstein Show at 3:30p to talk about the 2013 MLB prospect watch and Wil Myers will definitely be part of the conversation. Steroids will also be included, sense another


Charlie Bernstein Show: Lightning Pregame with Insider

Tampa Bay Lightning pregame started at 4:30p here on the Charlie Bernstein Show when we brought our Lightning Insider Mike Corcoran on to talk about tonight’s match-up against the Panthers. Mike Corcoran –   The Charlie Bernstein Show comes


Charlie Bernstein Pick One Game

Pick One game of the day! 1. Who’s more important for the Rays to keep- David Price or Evan Longoria? 2. Who would you rather pay a huge contract- Flacco, Matt Ryan or Darrelle Revis? 3. Which young player


Charlie Bernstien Show Pregame

On today’s show, President Obama said he would not want his children to play football at a press conference and steroids rears its pointy head back into the conversation once again with Alex Rodriguez. We will here from Rodney


Charlie Bernstein Show; Pro Bowl, Super Bowl and NBA

On today’s show, Charlie will dive into the Super Bowl preview and bring on NFL experts to talk from either side of the coasts. This weekend was an exciting time for sports, with top notch NBA games coming down


Charlie Bernstein Show: Bucs, Te’o, Brain Damage

On today's episode of the Charlie Bernstein Show; Charlie and Josh discuss the possibility of Darrelle Revis coming to the Bucs, why the Los Angeles Lakers suck, the NCAA and Miami, more head trauma in the NFL and a


Charlie Bernstein Show: Super Bowl, Lightning and NFL prospects

On today’s show, Charlie discussed Tim Brown’s conspiracy theory, The Lightning, Super Bowl moments and NFL draft prospects. I  present Charlie with 6 statements for him to decipher and decide if they are in fact true or false. 1.


Charlie Bernstein Show: Vincent Jackson

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pro Bowl wide receiver Vincent Jackson will be on the Charlie Bernstein Show Tuesday at 5pm.


Charlie Bernstein Show: A not so Blue Monday

Happy Martin Luther King Day and Happy Inauguration Day! Today Josh will play the most famous African American musicians of all-time songs. Bob Marley might just get the most hits, because that is Charlie’s favorite. On today’s show we will

Jim Harbaugh

Football Friday Pre-Game With NFL Charlie

Its Football Friday on the Charlie Bernstein Show and we are going to chat with reporters and writers from each team in the AFC/NFC Championship games this weekend. NFC Championship: Will start off with the San Fransisco 49er’s best