Mariotti Show Replay: Monday, April 7th

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Durant Should Be America’s Rooting Interest

Don’t let him feign indifference. It’s a lie, perhaps one of the few Kevin Durant has told in his seemingly wholesome, virtuous life. “I don’t really care about it. I can’t wait until it’s over,’’ he said of a

Mark Emmert

Athletes Deserve Better Than Pompous NCAA

The pushback was as quick as it was inevitable. Did you really think Mark Emmert, the NCAA president with the immovable hair, would enthusiastically endorse the notion of unionizing college athletes? Of course, he was going to lash back

NCAA Kentucky 2014

From Harrison to Ollie, Theme Is Perseverance

They are being watched on television by the largest college basketball audiences in two decades, in a monstrosity of a studio/stadium that quite possibly will be re-inhabited by aliens and launched into space when the national championship game is

Final Four 2014

Mariotti Show Replay: Friday, April 4th

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Final Four Does Involve College Basketball

The $1.3-billion venue, configured for 90,000 fans and flaunting a video board 66 feet longer than the basketball court, screams of mad excess. The ticket prices, the average salary at the coaches’ convention, the lingering presence of Jerry Jones,

Mike Francesa WFAN 2014

Only Dolt Would Trivialize Child’s Birth

By ratio, there are more asses in the sports media — asses and the accompanying crevices, I should add — than elsewhere in the American workplace. Some of them, regrettably, are paid to voice opinions over a live microphone.


Mariotti Show Replay: Thursday, April 3rd

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Greedy Dodgers Screwing Their Loyal Customers

One reason you deal with all the b.s. in sports — murderers, algorithm nerds, ticket prices, juicers, Keith Olbermann — is to sit down at home, turn on the television and watch a ballgame. It should be a no-hassle

It’s Beginning of End for Tiger, Sad to Say

Once, he flirted with Grand Slams. Now, Tiger Woods owns the Gimp Slam, having missed all four major championships because of injuries. He confirmed the obvious in announcing he’ll miss the Masters for the first time, after back surgery