Mariotti Show Replay: Tuesday, July 15th

The miracle of Derek Jeter, why the Home Run Derby helps Cespedes and Stanton with national buzz, why the baseball All-Star Game has lost much of its audience

carmelo anthony

Mariotti Show Replay: Monday, July 14th

Carmelo Anthony comes out the biggest financial winner, for now, but why did Chicago offer only $73 million? Because the Bulls never want the big free agent, despite appearances, thanks to a cheap owner who hasn't won boo since


Behind The Melo-drama: Bulls Never Close Deal

What was most remarkable about NBA free agency — which, in the realm of reality TV, sure beats dueling real-estate brokers and what’s left of the Kardashians — is the idea that Carmelo Anthony comes out with considerably more


Even The Futbol Haters Loved This World Cup

The world did not end in Brazil, contrary to original concerns. What it did was awaken and sometimes tremble, in ways thought unimaginable just a month ago. We were introduced to futbol as an exciting, attacking brand of entertainment,


Mariotti Show Replay: Friday, July 11th

LeBron goes home to Cleveland, but how much of The Revision is about heart, home and family -- and how much is about having no chance to win titles in Miami? This is one of the biggest business deals

LeBron James

Mariotti Show Replay: Thursday, July 10th

LeBron's decision involves the awkward, bizarre angle of making amends with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, who excoriated James in the now-infamous letter after he left Cleveland in 2010.


LeBron Can Go Home — And Had No Choice

The absurdity of it all crystallized on Day 10 of The LeBronathon, unless it was Day 11. That is when the TV network that has helped make LeBron James’ latest career drama an exercise in absurdity declared that it


With Cup Win, Messi Might Be Greatest Ever

To call for a referendum on Lionel Messi, the greatest player in the world’s most important sport, is to spot a wee wrinkle in a glorious sun. Yet we see this constantly in America — legendary athletes who haven’t


Arm Epidemic Jeopardizing Baseball’s Future

You hear guffaws from the pinstripe schadenfreuders, the haters who rejoice every time an enormous expenditure by the New York Yankees turns bad. But nothing is funny about the elbow problems of Masahiro Tanaka. He is the latest pitching


How Does America Not Root For Billy Beane?

As you may or may not know and may or may not care, the “Moneyball’’ movie was filled with convenient Hollywood embellishments. Those A’s won 103 games. They had the league MVP in Miguel Tejada and gifted young rotation