Mariotti Show Replay: Tuesday, August 12th

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Tuesday, August 12 — Our tribute to Robin Williams, among the most beloved of American entertainers, a genius whose comedic gifts, manic presentation and versatile acting talents hid

Tony Stewart

Mariotti Show Replay: Monday, August 11th

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Monday, August 11: Why not a vehicular homicide charge for Tony Stewart, knowing his long history of volatility, road rage and confrontations with drivers and the entire racing


Vehicular Homicide: Throw Book At Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart murdered a man on a dirt track. There is no other way to describe the horrific scene during a sprint race in upstate New York, where competitive racing flipped the psycho switch to road rage in the


Memo to Golfing World: Get Out Of Rory’s Way

There was a parting in the dark clouds that allowed a peek of light at dusk, a celestial walkway, if you will, for Rory McIlroy to find even higher ground. Full of bounce and nerve, he wasn’t bothered by


Paying Athletes Won’t Stop College Corruption

It’s a hiccup disguised as a landmark decision, a few crumbs thrown at athletes who arguably deserve healthier portions of collegiate sport’s multi-billion-dollar greed pie. But even if the best football and basketball players in major programs receive merely


LeBron, The Reboot: How Many Titles And When?

To build the coveted colossus known as a superteam, organizations usually need so much time, luck, money and deft maneuvering that it rarely happens in American sports. LeBron James Inc. made it happen in about a month. He did


In ESPN Dramas, Skipper Not Much Of A Captain

A cable subscriber pays $6.04 each month to watch ESPN, whether it’s a diehard fan, an Al Gorithm metrics geek or a little old lady in Pasadena who doesn’t know Yasiel Puig from Miss Piggy. If that charge is


Mariotti Show Replay: Friday, August 8th

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Friday, August 8 — Why Rory McIlroy, from County Down in Northern Ireland, is positioned to dominate golf for years after impressively overcoming business and romantic storms in


Praise Durant For Exiting, Not Risking Career

It’s admirable to believe in God, Mom, apple pie and playing basketball for one’s country, but be real here: This is more about globalizing the NBA brand and showcasing the players’ shoe companies than bleeding patriotism. When Paul George’s

Olympics: Basketball-Men's Gold Medal Game-USA vs ESP

Mariotti Show Replay: Thursday, August 7th

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Thursday, August 7: The Kevin Love deal is done, and LeBron Inc. — he has assembled this roster, please realize — has a superteam that will be scrutinized