Mariotti Show Replay: Friday, July 25th

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Friday, July 25: Judge Roger Goodell is being criticized roundly for his Ray Rice decision, and there’s no doubt he continues to have a criminal conduct crisis on

Ray Rice

Mariotti Show Replay: Thursday, July 24th

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Thursday, July 24: The NFL is a $10-billion-a-year enterprise with ratings among the highest in American TV history. Business never has been better. But just as the NFL

Doc Rivers

Mariotti Show Replay: Wednesday, July 23rd

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Wednesday, July 23: Donald Sterling’s legal stall is threatening Clippers’ future and putting NBA at risk of player boycotts — and Doc Rivers’ departure — in early October.


The Sterling Stall Threatens Clippers’ Future

Not to suggest that the Los Angeles justice system is vulnerable to bribery — never, ever would I have a reason to go there — but let’s say Donald Sterling decided to write a fat check. Or cash in

Olympics: Basketball-Men's Gold Medal Game-USA vs ESP

All You Need Is Love, And Story Writes Itself

Trading Andrew Wiggins is not a dilemma. It’s a mandate. Why would Dan Gilbert, a dreamer who is trying to save a decrepit downtown Detroit and a businessman who flew his private jet to Florida so he could grovel


Anarchy Will Further Corrupt College Sports

How would you like me to react when the commissioner of the Big 12 conference, Bob Bowlsby, says matter of factly that “cheating pays’’ in college athletics and that minor sports programs might be eliminated because no one in


Jeter To Trout Is The Dream, But Be Cautious

The urge should be resisted, not only for your sake and my sake but for Mike Trout’s sake. Haven’t two decades of celebrating and falling in love with athletes, only to see them tarnished by scandal, reminded us not

Tony Dungy

Dungy Wrong To Cloud Sam With Personal Beliefs

Tony Dungy always has been admired for his honesty, his open mind, his willingness to reach out and help human beings in difficult circumstances. This is a man who visited Michael Vick in prison, when the rest of the

Tony Dungy

Mariotti Show Replay: Tuesday, July 22nd

Missed part of The Mariotti Show? The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Tuesday, July 22: Tony Dungy’s honesty always has been refreshing, but he is shallow and inconsistent when he says he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam because camp wouldn’t


Life Stuff Behind Him, McIlroy Eyes Pantheon

It’s daunting enough in one’s middle age to deal with lawyers, business deals and shattered romantic relationships. If Rory McIlroy has survived his trials of fire in his 20s, then I’m liking his odds of winning more in the