Deflate-gate Has Indeed Stained The Patriots Legacy

Super Bowl 49 And Deflate-gate Will Be Synonomous For Years To Come Sports Exchange’s Matt Shalin is with Tuck and O’Neill to talk about the negative impact of Deflate-gate on the Patriots legacy. How frustrating this whole story line


Super Bowl Champ Tom Nutten On The Game’s Magnitude

Tom Nutten Speaking On Winning And Losing A Super Bowl Tom Nutten is a former St. Louis Rams Super Bowl winning guard. He’s with Mike and Jerry to talk about Super Bowl preparation and the range of emotion that


Seahawks: Sherman And Thomas Injuries A Non-Issue

Don’t Expect Injuries To Effect Key Seahawks’ Super Bowl Statuses John Boyle of the Everett Harold is the Seahawks columnist and he has joined Mike and Jerry to talk Seahawks injuries, & keys to Sunday’s Super Bowl 49. How

Stewart mandel

FOX Sports’ Stewart Mandel On The CFB Playoff Problem

Stewart Mandel Talks The Playoff Committee’s Offseason Issues Stewart Mandel covers college football for FOX Sports and he’s with Mike and Jerry to talk about the trouble the College Football Playoff is running into this offseason. What’s the big


Gronk: The JJ Watt Of Offense In The NFL

Eric Adelson On Gronk Being The Patriots Most Crucial Weapon Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports is covering the Super Bowl in Arizona and he’s joining Mike and Jerry to talk about Gronk as the Patriots biggest asset. The Patriots

Coach K

Are Coach K’s 1,000 Wins Untouchable?

Duke Beat Writer Steve Weisman On Coach K’s Valiant Career Duke beat writer Steve Weisman is on The Tuck and O’Neill show to talk about the Mike Krzyzewski’s record 1,000 wins and Coach K’s Duke legacy. Talk to us


Marshawn Lynch: Still As Chatty As Ever

The Seahawks’ Star Running Back Is Still Refusing To Give Media The Time Of Day Today Mike and Jerry are talking about Marshawn Lynch still refusing to grant answers to the media. His continued lack of acknowledgement is causing

Josh Alper

Josh Alper Of ProFootballTalk Giving Super Bowl Predictions

Josh Alper On The Pats Offense Vs. Patriots Defense Josh Alper of ProFootballTalk is with Tuck and O’Neill to give his SUper Bowl predictions about the Seahawks D against the Patriots offense. Seahawks defense against New England’s offense, it’s


CFB Playoff Schedule Already Posing A Problem

ESPN Wants Ratings, CFB Playoff Wants New Years Eve Brent Beaird of Gator Bait and is on The Tuck and O’Neill show today to give his weekly CFB update and talk about the College Football Playoff scheduling conflict.


Patriots Ball Boy: Mastermind Or Scapegoat?

The NFL Is Looking To The Patriots Equipment Staff As The Root Of The Problem Michael Tanier of Bleacher Report is on The Tuck and O’Neill show today to talk about what is, hopefully, the final saga in the