Every Miami Franchise Is Looking For A Handout

The Miami Cab Ride from Seaport to Airport It is about a 20 minute ride from the Port of Miami to the Miami International Airport. The cost? $24 plus tip. Generally these are pretty boring rides with a less


Another Government Battle Over NFL Television Blackouts

The National Football League and the Federal Communications Commission seem to have a slight disagreement. The FCC, which regulates television and radio licenses and watches over the industry, would like to end the NFL’s blackout policy which bans a


Laura Stamm Knew All About Hockey’s Concussion Issue Years Ago

The news that more than 200 former National Hockey league players have filed a class action suit against the league that the alleges that the league knew about the dangers posed by concussions and failed to do enough to reduce the

Mayor Bloomberg Makes Announcement With MLB Commissioner Bud Selig And Mets Owner CEO Fred Wilpon

Mets Fans Have Nothing to be Thankful About

This doesn’t figure to be a Happy Thanksgiving for fans of the Major League Baseball franchise known as the New York Metropolitans. The team figures to be no better in 2014 than it was in 2013. The Mets franchise


How JFK’s Signature Changed the NFL and American Sports

Historians and people who lived during the Kennedy Assassination 50 years ago today are spending the day reflecting on the brief presidency of John F. Kennedy. Among the topics that might be discussed include The Bay of Pigs/Cuba policy,


Sports Fans Don’t Want To Read This News About Sports

There are people who get very upset when the sports industry is criticized whether it is stadium funding or how a television news division (CBS) was ruined in the late 1980s because a network chairman of the board (Lawrence


Evan Weiner Column: There Used to Be a Ballpark Right Here

If you have ever been to Rome, Italy, you know one of the biggest tourists’ stops there is the centuries old Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre. Construction of the stadium began in 70 AD and 1,943 years later, the building is

Flacco Superbowl_Ravens_2013

Has the Incognito-Martin Case Cost Miami a Few Super Bowls?

The Miami Dolphins locker room behavior may cost Miami a chance at hosting Super Bowls in the future. While many people are focusing on the culture of the Miami locker room and casting a close eye on Incognito and


Concussions and Bullying: This is the NFL Today

It would not be inaccurate to suggest that the National Football league has had finer weeks. The NFL should be in crisis mode and figuring out how to protect the league’s most valuable asset, the NFL logo. The ugliness


Yet Another Crisis in Football’s Reality Show

There is really no need to sugar coat football. It is a brutal game. The players who survive through the system from Pop Warner to Junior High School (or Middle School) to High School into college and then the