Oakland Coliseum

A’s Owner Giving Up Moving to San Jose?

Since 1968, Major League Baseball has been wrestling with having two teams in the San Francisco Bay Area market. Charlie Finley moved his Kansas City A’s franchise to Oakland after the 1967 season dividing the market into two baseball

Madison Keys is the unseeded underdog facing top seeded Serena Williams in one of the Aussie Open women's semi's

Iran’s Other Policy Change Impacts Women and Sports

Is this a change of the guard actually taking place in Iran? It is hard to say but it appears that half of Iran’s population, women, will soon to able to attend some sporting events in public and even


Why Is The NBA Visiting Havana?

In 1964, Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach took a number of NBA All Stars for a tour of Eastern Europe which was supposed to end in Red Square in Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union. Red and the


NFL Owners Don’t Care About Fans

 There is an old sports axiom that goes something like this: “We would be nowhere without our fans.” Not really true. Sports owners have been abusing fans for decades with clear examples being Walter O’Malley taking the Brooklyn Dodgers

Montreal and the MLB

MLB and Montreal: Is Love in the Air?

The headline on the FOX sports website screamed out, “Tampa Bay fans, take note: Passion for baseball is greater in Montreal.” The writer suggests Montreal would be a better place for a baseball franchise than St. Petersburg. But, before


NCAA Moral Responsibilities Stops With Players

The NCAA said it did not support the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act last week and was among the companies protesting the Indiana law. The state legislature applied a fix, Governor Mike Pence signed it and the NCAA is back

Rob Manfred

Major League Baseball $alaries: Who Pays The Bills?

The Major League Baseball season is ready to start and with it comes the Chief Financial Officer approving twice a month paychecks to players. Those paychecks continue to grow with the average salary expected to hit a new record

Travis Hamonic, Jaroslav Halak

New York Islanders Say Goodbye to Nassau County

In a way, the New York Islanders swan song at the Nassau Coliseum has been whitewashed. The franchise has had a pretty good regular season and that seems to have erased what has been nearly three decades of putting

Final Four

Indiana, Cultural Wars and Basketball

Sports is supposed to be about competition, two individuals, two teams battling to see who is better with fans watching and either enjoying or agonizing over the action. But in the last calendar year, sports has been thrust into


China, The IOC and April Fools’

The race between Beijing, China and Almaty, Kazakhstan are in the home stretch in the race for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Both countrys’ Olympic Committees have made their last pitches to the International Olympic Committee and now are sitting