The Stadium Game: The NFL Version in LA

The National Football League is happy that two Los Angeles area municipalities are ready to build stadiums for three NFL franchises at some point but there is a long way to go before the NFL returns to LA and

John Harbaugh

The NFL Wants Parents to Know Football is Safe

John Harbaugh has added another responsibility to his job as the Baltimore Ravens head coach. He is now leading the way to push back the “football is under siege” mentality that industry people both on the coach and pro


Is The NFL Draft Legal?

The NFL draft takes place in Chicago next week.  This event is what fans of all 32 teams have been waiting to see for months. Who will their favorite team take and how will that player improve the team?


Is It Worth It For Florida to Build New Spring Training Facilities?

If you look at a Spring Training map of Florida throughout the years, you will notice that teams keep jumping from area to area and that a good many teams have left the state and relocated to Florida. At


Big Consumer Battle: Verizon Versus ESPN

Forget the Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Weather championship bout, it is not the biggest sports fight over the year. The battle between the Walt Disney Company and Verizon may indeed be the biggest story of the year. If Verizon is

NBA Playoffs

NBA Players: Thank You Ronald Reagan

The NBA is about ready to receive a cash infusion, a big time cash infusion. In about 18 months much larger payments from Turner Sports and Disney’s ESPN will be delivered to the league, who in turn will distribute

NFL blackouts

Should We Worry About the NFL Crisis?

The NFL continues to thrive despite a long list of what other businesses would consider disastrous public relations because of employee behavior. The NFL also has a different public relations problem developing in Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis as

NFL in London

London Calling: We Want the NFL, NBA and MLB

There will be a national election in England on May 7 and one of the issues, believe it or not, is how does England get permanent North American big league sports teams in London. It isn’t exactly clear how


Houston, We Have a Problem

Did you hear about Super Bowl LI? That’s the game that will be played in Houston in February 2017. Apparently, the NFL likes everything about Houston for the Super Bowl except the 13-year-old stadium that is showing some signs


Boston’s 2024 Olympic Bid Is In Trouble

If the Boston 2024 Olympics Bid Committee is going to land the event, it better hope for a turn around of public opinion soon. Many in the state of Massachusetts don’t want the event and it seems that the