Evan Weiner Column: There Used to Be a Ballpark Right Here

If you have ever been to Rome, Italy, you know one of the biggest tourists’ stops there is the centuries old Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre. Construction of the stadium began in 70 AD and 1,943 years later, the building is

Flacco Superbowl_Ravens_2013

Has the Incognito-Martin Case Cost Miami a Few Super Bowls?

The Miami Dolphins locker room behavior may cost Miami a chance at hosting Super Bowls in the future. While many people are focusing on the culture of the Miami locker room and casting a close eye on Incognito and


Concussions and Bullying: This is the NFL Today

It would not be inaccurate to suggest that the National Football league has had finer weeks. The NFL should be in crisis mode and figuring out how to protect the league’s most valuable asset, the NFL logo. The ugliness


Yet Another Crisis in Football’s Reality Show

There is really no need to sugar coat football. It is a brutal game. The players who survive through the system from Pop Warner to Junior High School (or Middle School) to High School into college and then the


Could Football Fade Away Like Boxing?

I have no idea if Dr. Oz is a good or bad doctor but I do know this, he is an Oprah Winfrey creation much like Rachel Ray and Dr. Phil and in pop culture that carries an enormous


The Miami “Punishment” is Fitting for the NCAA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, the governing body for big time college sports in the United States, has once again demonstrated that money is everything and ethics mean nothing to this group that is comprised of school presidents, chancellors


Bud Adams and The Foolish Club

With the passing of Tennessee Titans owner K. S. "Bud" Adams, there remains just two people who put up their money and in the process modernized professional football in the United States.


The Possible France Football Work Stoppage Over Taxes

The United States and North America are not the only areas where sports labor struggles take place. The next sports work stoppage could occur in France next week and it may have nothing to do with owners and players


NFL TV Blackouts and Los Angeles and the NFL

The ESPN Monday Night Football game of the week between the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers will be shown locally in the San Diego market even though the game was not sold out 72 hours prior to kickoff


A Sports Uniform is Nothing More than Laundry

So the NBA has come up with a plan to have special uniforms on certain days with players’ nicknames instead of their last names on the back.