Nevada Wants a Piece of Olympics Betting Action

The casinos and hotels in Nevada that have sports books, are looking to capture some extra money and want an events that they don’t have: The Winter and Summer Olympics. There is money to be made every two years on

Alex Rodriguez

Baseball and Integrity Issues

Alex Rodriguez is returning from Elba, or whatever the baseball equivalent of being exiled is for the player known as A-Rod. Don’t expect Rodriguez to be greeted with open arms, from the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s office to the

All-Star Game

NHL’s Next Stop: Las Vegas?

Can Jacksonville resident Bill Foley land a National Hockey League expansion franchise in Las Vegas starting in 2016 or 2017? It could very well happen if Foley and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, can get commitments for 10,000 season tickets

James Dolan

Why James Dolan Never Gets Punished

James Dolan, owner of Cablevision, the Madison Square Garden Network, Radio City Music Hall,  Newsday, News 12 regional New York area cable news channeld, Madison Square Garden, the New York Liberty, the New York Rangers and the New York


NFL Owners Have No Problem With Bad Apples

It seems that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell takes the responsibility for league perception problems because players, team employees and owners have gotten in trouble with the law. Goodell is the scapegoat. But on Monday, two players with different troubles

Tiger Woods

Caddies and Tiger Woods Highlight PGA Woes

The Professional Golf Association keeps rolling like a well-tuned expensive car. There seem to be very few problems ever–just bring the car into the shop and have some routine maintenance–in the PGA’s case, signing new TV deals, new marketing


Banned in Boston: Anti-Olympics Speech

The International Olympic Committee desperately needs the United States to get back into the Olympics Game. The IOC and the U.S. Olympic Committee seemingly have patched up the differences that have cropped up over the years, but America has

Roger Goodell

Don’t Blame Goodell For All NFL Problems

The National Football League should be in celebratory mode. The Super Bowl was a classic game, complete with people second guessing Seattle’s coach Pete Carroll, and the interest in the game was extremely high. But that euphoria quickly exited

Rob Manfred (l.) has worked with Bud Selig (r.) and Major League Baseball since 1998.

Manfred’s Job is to Make Baseball Money

As Major League Baseball hits the spring training fields in Florida and Arizona, there are few financially struggling teams.


Quebec Wants the 2026 Olympics

Quebec provincial leaders are trying to figure out how to bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics again. Quebec has not held an Olympics since the financially crippling 1976 Montreal Summer Games. Provincial leaders have thought about hosting the Winter