Falling Canadian Dollar Could Cause Problems

The American dollar has been getting stronger lately while the Canadian dollar has fallen by about 10 percent in the past few years. The currency exchange rate does matter in North American sports. American teams have more money by

Commissioner Bud Selig finds out who his replacement will be on Thursday

Selig Leaves Behind Oakland and Tampa Woes

Allen H. Selig, better known by baseball fans as just Bud, Selig or some unprintable name, is leaving baseball in far better shape than when he entered the game five decades ago as the largest stockholder in the Milwaukee

David Beckham

Does Miami Want David Beckham?

It seems Miami city leaders want to bring a Major League Soccer team to the city but neither David Beckham nor the elected officials can find a suitable spot for the planned expansion team. Major League Soccer is expanding


Why Los Angeles is a Football Flop

If the truth is ever told, the Los Angeles-Anaheim market is a total flop. Sure, the NFL had a team in LA, in name only in 1926 and an American Football League I team also in 1926. There was


Is Montreal A Major League Baseball Town?

The Tampa Bay Rays baseball franchise, by lease, has to play in St. Petersburg until 2027. New York Daily News columnist Bill Madden has suggested that Rays owner Stu Sternberg is interested in Montreal as a possible destination for

Election Day

Election Day: No Big Deal to Sports

 When Vince Tobin was coaching the Arizona Cardinals in the late 1990s, Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill had him do more than just coach a football team. Tobin’s job was also to convince Mesa, Arizona voters to say yes to


Football’s Next Move: London’s Calling for the NFL

The National Football League has not done well outside of the United States borders. While there is a significant interest in Canada with Canadians rooting for border city teams in Buffalo, Detroit and Seattle, the Buffalo Bill’s Toronto series

Corey Grant, Shaq Wiggins

Problems with Football Won’t Affect Fans’ Love for Game

 The football industry has had an incredibly bad public relations year so far on three levels– high school, college and the pros. Three high schools suspended programs because of hazing issues with one school seeing seven arrests. On the


Will African and European Countries Be at the 2018 World Cup?

The governing body of International Football or soccer had a rare celebration this week with the 2018 World Cup logo being introduced. But FIFA has not had many good months lately. The organization refuses to release a report on


New Jersey’s Sports Book Bid to be Heard in November

The NFL is trying to expand operations in England where sports gambling on professional sports is legal. There is no doubt that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, his staff and members of the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions organization passed