Is Boston Getting Cold Feet To Host Olympics?

Boston will be getting a 2024 Summer Olympics challenger this weekend but the biggest obstacle in Boston’s way in obtaining the right to hold the Games from the International Olympic Committee may be the people of Boston. It seems

Bud Selig

Bud Selig’s Biggest Decision: 45 Years Ago

On March 16, 1970, Bud Selig made probably the most important decision in his baseball career. He told his lawyers to tell Seattle Pilots ownership to declare bankruptcy so he could get the financial stressed team without having to


Los Angeles Area NFL Stadium No Sure Thing

It appears that AEG has thrown in the towel in an effort to build an NFL stadium in Los Angeles, but that won’t end the NFL’s wanderlust in trying to get a stadium built somewhere in the LA area.

March Madness

March Madness: The Holiday and The Illness

The unofficial sports holiday and illness known as March Madness starts on Sunday with the television production called, Selection Sunday. For the next three weeks, hard core basketball fans and casual sports fans will look at game, after game,


When The Braves Moved From Boston, Sports Changed

Don’t expect to see any celebration on Friday of the Boston Braves’ move to Milwaukee, on the 62nd anniversary of the relocation. But, the move of that baseball team had an incredible impact on sports. It could be argued


Calgary Flames Ownership Not Stealing Money

The Calgary Flames ownership has been pushing for a new arena since 2007 and the ownership, at one time, thought the Flames would be skating in a new building by 2014. That has not come to pass and now

Syracuse Orange

Syracuse’s Punishment: Glamorous Team No More

The Syracuse Orangemen probably won’t be one of college basketball’s glamour teams for the next four years. The NCAA has uncovered a series of, “you can’t do that” infractions against the school, in the men’s college basketball team and

Sen'Derrick Marks

NFL Players Should Take Benefits and Accept Less Money

There are NFL fans in Jacksonville, Oakland and in New York that are looking at their teams, knowing that the teams have a lot of money to spend on free agents that could help those three clubs and others


Oakland Still Dealing With Sports Woes

Oakland has had numerous issues with sports teams. The city lost a National Hockey League team in 1976 because of poor attendance. The American Football League replaced the Minneapolis franchise that joined the league in 1959 and dropped out


MLS Needs New Brand Recognition to Get More Fans

The MLS may not get the media coverage that others sports do in the United States, but there is no question the sport is growing, as youth league registrations remain high. But, the top tier United States and Canada