MLS Needs New Brand Recognition to Get More Fans

The MLS may not get the media coverage that others sports do in the United States, but there is no question the sport is growing, as youth league registrations remain high. But, the top tier United States and Canada


International Olympic Committee Is On The Offensive

The International Olympic Committee may not be holding events at the moment but that does not mean the group has been idle. There is a 2022 Winter Olympics to be awarded either to Kazakhstan or to China. There are

Big Ten

Big Ten Quiet on Wisconsin Educational Cuts

In case you missed it, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is proposing massive educational budget cuts in the state and that would include the University of Wisconsin. It is unknown how the slash in funding would impact the university’s football


Anschultz Trying to Derail Rams Move

There is something about the Hollywood Racetrack parking lot that attracts NFL owners. In 1995, Los Angeles Raiders owner Al Davis thought he had a deal with the track owner and the NFL to deal a stadium. The stadium

Earl Lloyd

Earl Lloyd: The NBA Pioneer

Earl Lloyd was a basketball pioneer. Lloyd was the first African American player to appear in an NBA game in 1950. But, Lloyd really wasn’t the first professional African American player to ever appear in a basketball game. The


Mayweather and Pacquiao Won’t Save Boxing

May 2nd is shaping up to be a big sports day in the United States. The Kentucky Derby will be run at Churchill Downs, there is a boxing championship in Las Vegas, both the NHL and NBA will be


Rams Inglewood Stadium Deal Raises Eyebrows

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern once noted that there were three essentials in having a successful sports franchise. Stern said teams need strong support from a local government, a large cable TV deal and corporate support. Elected officials are


18-Year-Old Basketball Players Have Bleak NBA Futures

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett are three players who made a sizable impact on the National Basketball Association without attending college. But sometime in 2004, NBA Commissioner David Stern decided to become the “education” commissioner because an

Rob Manfred

Major League Baseball’s “Young” Ideas

For years, Major League Baseball has had an image problem and possibly a demographics deficiency. MLB is thought to have an older male audience that still clings to the days of Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron and

Baseball TV

Who Is Paying for Big Cable TV Deals in Sports?

The news that a baseball team has signed a television deal worth more than a billion dollars, no longer should be viewed as “simply shocking.” Cable TV networks have been handing out local billion-dollar deals for the past year