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Baseball and The Fourth of July

July 4th is Major League Baseball's unofficial midpoint. Major League Baseball is doing quite well financially with

John F. Kennedy

Three Presidents Changed Sports

The President Campaign for the 2016 election just keeps chugging along and seemingly sports is not part of the debate even


NBA Free Agents Can Thank TV for Big Deals

There is no secret that NBA players are getting a huge bump in salary starting in 2016. The new national cable TV deals with


Charlotte May Want an MLS Team

Charlotte has signaled an interest in obtaining a Major League Soccer franchise and in the MLS's case, they are probably


Can Quebec City Afford the High Price to Join the NHL?

National Hockey League expansion is coming. The league didn't start the process just to fill summer space

Los Angeles

The NFL’s March to Los Angeles Continues

  On August 11, a National Football League committee plans to tell the league owners if there are aby suitable options in the Los Angeles area to be the home of an NFL in 2016 and beyond until a

Big 12

Big 12 Conference Expansion? Maybe.

If there is a hint of money on the table, there is a great likelihood that a major college sports conference is going to investigate

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Won’t Pay the School’s Football Players

This is the slow time of year in college sports, some schools may be sending men's and women's basketball teams


Paris Joins Boston, Rome and Hamburg in Olympic 2024 Bid

While the Boston Olympic Committee tinkers with its planned 2024 bid, there is a new contender in the race for the 2024

Pete Rose

Did MLB Ever Try to Help Pete Rose Kick His Addiction?

  There has been a lot of noise about Pete Rose and his Hall of Fame chances and how he probably will never get his plaque in Cooperstown because ESPN reported a slip indicating Rose bet on baseball while