Jameis Winston

Why We (Unfortunately) Care What The Media Says About Winston

Ever since Jameis Winston became the center of attention by the media for doing dumb things, I’ve noticed more and more people blogging, tweeting, speaking, and arguing about how the media is to blame for all of this nonsense

Christian Ponder

Christian Ponder Back in Pads If Bridgewater Fails

It was announced Wednesday that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel has been placed on the injured reserve list and will now be out for the season. Vikings placed QB Matt Cassel on IR – done for season. — Adam

Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy Wouldn’t Draft Jameis Winston

The Heisman winning quarterback that had a perfect season with the Seminoles last year, isn’t so perfect anymore. He may have a perfect record with the team, but his antics off the field are anything but stain-free. Everyone that

Jameis Winston

Winston Apology: “I Have To Tone It Down”

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston’s press conference Tuesday afternoon came just after the university announced that he would miss the first half of the game against Clemson. He addressed the media by apologizing for what he did. He said that

CoverGirl Black Eye

Should CoverGirl Pull Their NFL Sponsorship?

The makeup brand that is the “official beauty sponsor of the NFL,” has recently been creating ads unique to each team. One of the more prominent ones today, for obvious reasons, is the ad that features Baltimore Ravens colors.

Jonathan Casillas

Bucs’ Casillas: Losing at Home and Going on The Road for Three Weeks is a Curse

Buccaneers’ linebacker Jonathan Casillas, like many players, weren’t happy after Sunday’s loss to the St. Louis Rams. Casillas says that the team is lucky that they got to start their season with two home games. However, losing both of

Tom Brady

Tom Brady Has No Interest Voicing Opinion About Abuse

With all sorts of scandal and negative energy surrounding the NFL right now, Patriots QB Tom Brady doesn’t take an interest in telling you how he feels about it all. Instead, Brady plans to sit in his corner and

Gerald McCoy

Gerald McCoy Doesn’t Like Watching the Game From the Sidelines

When Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive tackle Gerald McCoy left the game with an injured hand, it was probable that he would return. That was not the case. As soon as he went back in, he came back out. It

Condoleezza Rice

Should Condoleezza Rice Replace Roger Goodell?

This is not going away. Ray Rice may have done what he did to his wife months ago, but the firestorm of consequences from it, has only just begun. With the release of the video footage and the outrage

Ray Rice

Why Ex-NFL Wives Support Janay Rice

Now that Janay Rice, the wife of Ray Rice, has been spoken out about their current situation, other former NFL wives are speaking out in support of her. According to an interview with Jenna Wolfe of Today.com, these wives understand