Tom Brady

Tom Brady Has No Interest Voicing Opinion About Abuse

With all sorts of scandal and negative energy surrounding the NFL right now, Patriots QB Tom Brady doesn’t take an interest in telling you how he feels about it all. Instead, Brady plans to sit in his corner and

Gerald McCoy

Gerald McCoy Doesn’t Like Watching the Game From the Sidelines

When Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive tackle Gerald McCoy left the game with an injured hand, it was probable that he would return. That was not the case. As soon as he went back in, he came back out. It

Condoleezza Rice

Should Condoleezza Rice Replace Roger Goodell?

This is not going away. Ray Rice may have done what he did to his wife months ago, but the firestorm of consequences from it, has only just begun. With the release of the video footage and the outrage

Ray Rice

Why Ex-NFL Wives Support Janay Rice

Now that Janay Rice, the wife of Ray Rice, has been spoken out about their current situation, other former NFL wives are speaking out in support of her. According to an interview with Jenna Wolfe of, these wives understand

Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel “Topanga” Dishes on Who Taught Her How to Throw A Spiral

The girl we all know and love as Topanga Lawrence in Boy Meets World is now all grown up and dishing about her life as a child star in the 90’s. Danielle Fishel spoke with Sports Talk Florida editor Amanda

Ray Rice

NFL Didn’t Need To See Video to Properly Punish Rice

So, the Ray Rice elevator footage finally surfaces and the NFL claims that they never saw the video of Rice knocking out his fiance, until the day the world saw it. NFL says in a statement that they didn’t

Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith: We Didn’t Take Advantage of Opportunities

As the first home game of the Bucs’ regular season came to a depressing end, coach Lovie Smith had one thing on his mind– missed opportunities. After the game, Smith spoke to us about how hard the team worked

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Investigation: It’s Not Over

Just when it seemed like Jameis Winston and the Seminoles could put the sexual assault investigation behind them and focus on the 2014 season, the university steps in. According to ESPN, Florida State is conducting it’s own investigation to

Eastern Michigan Wall

Gators vs. Eastern Michigan: Will They Break Down The Wall?

Typically, when we speak about the Florida Gators, we talk about adversity and challenges that they’ve faced recently. It’s been a struggle for them to figure out who they are under coach Will Muschamp, which is why we can

Logan Mankins

Logan Mankins: Feeling More Comfortable with Bucs

When guard Logan Mankins first came to Tampa to start his new job with the Bucs, he was unsure of things and didn’t know anyone. Comparing how he felt then to how he feels now, Mankins says it’s like