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Arian Foster Admits To Getting Money In College

Foster_2013Texans running back Arian Foster pulled back the curtain on what many people think has been happening in college football since college football was invented, admitting he took money while at the University of Tennessee.

There were plenty of times where throughout the month I didnt have enough for food. Our stadium had like 107,000 seats; 107,000 people buying a ticket to come watch us play. Its tough just like knowing that, being aware of that.

Sports Illustrated obtained a clip from a new documentary called Schooled: The Price of College Sports, which included Foster making it clear he did something outside the lines of the NCAAs rules.

I was getting money on the side, Foster said. I really didnt have any money. I had to either pay the rent or buy some food. I remember the feeling of like, Man, be careful. But theres nothing wrong with it. And youre not going to convince me that there is something wrong with it."

Source: Pro Football Talk


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