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Are The Red Sox Beards Magic?

red soxJohn Tomase of the Boston Herald talked about the beards yesterday, and its just about team bonding and image crafting. Jonny Gomes says it like this: We have the beards. Its not surprising at all that winning teams have some kind of quirky chemistry. Then Tomase takes it here:

In the wake of 2012s natural disaster, the Red Sox replaced half their roster. They jettisoned the dour, know-it-all Adrian Gonzalez and the overwhelmed Carl Crawford and imported half a dozen veterans who knew how to win, and who not only werent afraid of the pressure of playing in Boston, but wanted to be there.

Thus Gomes.

There is all sorts of praise to be thrown around.

But I guess its not enough to praise the moves of the front office and the execution of the players and their new manager. We have to go through get players who know how to win stuff.

Source: Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports


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