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Are Computers Coming to NFL Sidelines?

Drew Brees

Computers, smart phones, andtablets are becoming more and more prevalent in places they have never been before. You can find them in restaurants and airports today, but will they soon be coming to NFL sidelines across the country?New Orleans Saints quarterbackDrew Breesthinks so.

According to Pro Football Talk, Brees was recently a guest on the late-night show,Chelsea Lately, and he saidthat he believes the NFL will change its rules to allow players to use tablets on the sideline to watch film of the previous series, instead of the still photos they currently use.

Brees told show host, Chelsea Handler, that it could happen very soon.

Probably in the next few years youre going to see this on the sideline, actually being used to put video on. You see us quarterbacks on the sideline flipping through pictures now. They have to print those out, staple them together.

One thing to note is that Brees is a paid endorser of Microsofts tablet, so his interest in this technology could go farther than his desire to look at photos more quickly. But, he makes a good point. Players would definitely benefit from using tablets and computers on the sideline.Brees points out that they would use the technology to see what adjustments need to be made on the field. He thinks it would change the game of football in a big way.

The problem Brees runs into is the old-school way of thinking that NFL coaches and owners still abide by. Coaches still use clipboards and the leagues owners have shown little to no interest in changing that.

So, could it happen? Probably, but not likely anytime soon.

For more on this story visit: Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk


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