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Did Cheers Super Bowl Pre-Game Clip Saves Show?

Cheers Considered Fledgling TV SeriesBefore Super Bowl Skit Aired

In the early 1980's comedy writer Ken Levine worked on the scripts for the hit comedy series Cheers. In 1983, prior to the Super Bowl XVII between the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins Ken Levine and David Isaacs a pre-game skit designed to spark interest in what he called "our fledgling series."

The clip aired during the pre-game coverage and was seen by an estimated 80,000,000 million people.It should be noted that at the time of the airing Cheers was very unsuccessful finishing dead last in the ratings. Levine notes that "in today's worldboth the CW and Univision would kick our ass." The time slot was right before kickoff and the 80 million viewers were double that of the final Cheers episode.

The clip was often talked about but had never resurfaced until a few years ago. Levine notes that sportswriterJoe Resnick had taped every Super Bowl including that one. And since the scene aired so close to the game, it was on the tape. A friend of his blog (...by Ken Levine), Howard Hoffman, was able to digitize the scene and posted it on YouTube:

Video Courtesy ...ByKenLevine YouTube Channel:



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