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All Signs Point To Alex Smith Becoming A Jet

Michael Vick is staying with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills re-signed Tarvaris Jackson today. The group free agents quarterback for the New York Jets to pick from was thin to begin with and it just got smaller.

Here is a list of free agent options for the Jets:

Joe Flacco - will get franchised

Matt Moore - Moore is an option but not much of an upgrade.

Tarvaris Jackson - signed with Buffalo

Jason Campbell - Did he survive his stay in Chicago?

David Garrard - The NFL just approved request for a Hoveround motorized scooter.

Josh Johnson - signed by the Browns

Byron Leftwich - If you can Leftwich to put the fork down and stop eating pancakes, never mind.

Brady Quinn - He would love to be in New York but New York doesn't want him.

Vince Young - Broke and crazy!

Matt Leinart - Leinart and Sanchez reunited would be a great story if they were good.

Rex Grossman - My money is on Grossman going to the Jets. He has no problem running for his life.

David Carr - What happened to David Carr? He was good in Houston.

Derek Anderson - Headed back to Cleveland.

Drew Stanton - looks like he is going to Arizona.

Chase Daniel - He will stay in New Orleans.

Brian Hoyer - Hoyer has a good chance of signing with the Jets. The New England connection helps as well.

Charlie Batch - Someone older than David Garrad.

Bruce Gradkowski - He will stay with the Bengals.

Kellen Clemens - Signed with Rams.

Tyler Thigpen - Is he an upgrade? No, but he wouldn't cause a controversy either.

Josh McCown - I don't think the Bears will come calling anymore.

Sage Rosenfels - Wonders why his phone doesn't ring.

Seneca Wallace - "I can run too!"

Donovan McNabb - "I love Campbell's Chunky soup."

A.J. Feeley - The Jets could be just dumb enough.

Troy Smith - Hasn't played since 2010.

Luke McCown - He should do what ever it takes to stay Matt Ryan's backup and hold the clip board.

Chris Redman - Out of the league.

John Beck- Out of the league.

Jordan Palmer - "I really wish my brother was better."

J.P. Losman - What does the "P" stand for?

Kevin O'Connell - He visited with the Jets in 2012 but would be any competition?


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