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All The Pressure Is Now On Steve Yzerman

When Steve Yzerman fired Guy Boucher as Lightning coach Sunday morning, it was as much an indictment of the job he did in assembling the Tampa roster as it was how Boucher coached it. Perhaps even more. Yzerman admitted as much when he said, It just isnt working, I have to assume full responsibility for it.

Three years after Yzerman took over the Lightning and almost two years after his team came within a goal of going to the Stanley Cup final, the bloom has most certainly come off the rose. The Lightning are known as one of the more underachieving teams in the NHL over the past two seasons and if thats the case, then Boucher should have been fired. After all, its a coachs responsibility to get the most out of the roster his GM gives him.

But what exactly did Yzerman give Boucher, aside from a couple of superstar offensive players that he had already inherited? Virtually every other aspect of the Lightnings game - from goaltending to depth on defense to secondary scoring has been far below the NHL standard. And thats on the GM.

Source: Ken Campbell, The Hockey News


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