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Adrian Clayborn Vows to Compete Hard to Win Left Defensive End

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made some upgrades on the defensive line thisoffseason,including signing Michael Johnson to a five-year deal worth $43.75million, a move that solidified him as the starting right defensive end.That's meant Adrian Clayborn, Da'Quan Bowers,William Gholston and Steven Meanswillall be battling it outto start on theleftside.

Clayborn, a starterfrom last year, figures tobethe front-runner, although that will come with some challenges.Up until this point in his NFL career, he primarily lined up onthe right side. Butin this system, he'llline up on the left, wherea condition known as Erb's Palsy-- an injury to theneck/shoulder area during birth that results in nerve damage -- puts him at a natural disadvantage. Team's also typically line their tight ends up on that side, another obstacle for Clayborn.

Here,he talks about those challenges, his expectations for his first camp under new head coach Lovie Smith and entering the final year of his rookie contract.


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