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Rodger's Reaction To Early Exit From Playoffs

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke with the media Saturday night about second straight early playoff exit and how impressed he was with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Time of possession was obviously a problem, do you agree?


What does it feel like to lose a game like this?

Well, its pretty frustrating, put a lot into this. Now I stand here and you realize that this is the last time that group is going to be together. It will be a different team next year. There will be additions, subtractions and thats the most frustrating part. You spend a lot of time with those guys, you care about them, you care about this a lot and then to go out there and play like that its disappointing.

How would you assess your performance on offense?

We didnt do enough on offense. We could have helped our defense out a little bit. They had a couple extra possessions there because of the punt return fumble and then the pick six. So our defense probably got a little tired out there but the second half we had a chance to run right into it. The touchdown there on the first possession would have put us in a good situation but came up short.

On the deep ball to WR Jordy Nelson, on the post, what did you see on that play?

Well the protection was really good I found most of the night and was just hanging in the pocket he was running the post. He said he was thinking I was going to get out of the pocket with starting flat and I was thinking he was going to take a high angle and thats what happens when youre not on the same page.

I dont know if you talked about this, but this is your first game as a player at Candlestick?


Second, there was excitement because of the fact that you are coming back home and all that?

No, not really.

How did you feel at half time?

Yeah, we felt good. You know we gift wrapped them 14 points on two turnovers. In the game our defense was doing alright and in the second half we just didnt score any points.

Did you think this was a team that was going to win it all?

This team? Yeah definitely.

What was your impression of the QB Colin Kaepernick?

He was running all over the field. Hes big, strong, athletic, throws the ball well and runs the ball extremely well. We didnt really have a whole lot of answers for him.

How are you feeling when it was 31-24 and getting the ball, and feeling like this is going to be a track meet back and forth between the teams?

Yeah, we knew were going to have to score some points. Im disappointed we couldnt get any on that first drive of the second half, but we were able to come back and get a field goal and they go down and score and we knew that we probably were going to have to put up 38 points at least to win the game.

Source: San Francisco 49ers Media


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