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A Look At The Rays Outfield Renovations At Tropicana Field

Earlier today The Whit-Man stopped by Tropicana Field to take a look at the improvements made to the outfield area and he was kind enough to share some pictures with us.

From The Rays: 

Prominent among the improvements is the creation of walkways behind the outfield seating area and opening up what had been the Batters Eye restaurant into center field for an open-air meeting spot. The end effect is 360-degree pedestrian circulation around the lower bowl that will allow fans to never lose sight of the action taking place on the field.


Below you will find the pictures Whitney took and possibly the first ever #selfie Whitney has ever taken.

New porch in center

The_Trop_Porch_2014 [1]

 View From Left

Left_Field_2014 [2]

View From Center

Center_Field [3]

View From Right

Right_Field_2014 [4]

Whit takes his first ever selfie…

or he doesn’t know he’s using the front-face camera on his iPhone.

Whit_Camera_Malfunction [5]

Bacon and Booze. Match made in heaven.

Bacon_Booze [6]

The Menu

Menu [7]


And it looks like Whitney has found his heaven on earth.

Whits_Heaven [8]


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