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Newest Weekly Everything Power Rankings

In this story and on The Charlie Bernstein Show, we answer the question, "who cares about mediocrity?" definitively as we say to hell with a 1-32 NFL Power Rankings, a standard 1-25 college football poll are anything else that's become standard and mundane. We look only toward the best and worst.

NFL Top 5

1. Denver Broncos- There could be some problems with the defense after giving up 48 to the "Fighting Romos."

2. New Orleans Saints-The Saints currently own two of the greatest mismatches in football- Brees to Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles on 3rd down. This plus a physical defense will keep them winning.

3. Seattle Seahawks- So they lost on the road against a pretty good team in Indianapolis. I'm not worried about them.

4. San Francisco 49ers- Colin Kaepernick didn't have a great game but they completely throttled the Texans, who used to be good.

5. Green Bay Packers- They have the best quarterback and an emerging running game. Everything else will get figured out.

"Amateur" Football Top 5

1. Oregon- Whose defense can stop them?

2. Alabama- Really good and well coached, but who have they beaten?

3. Clemson- Setting up for our first real showdown against FSU.

4. Louisville- Better roster than people think.

5. Florida State- They set a record for greatest margin of victory over a ranked team. That's real good.

Coach of the Year (So Far)

1. Rex Ryan- Still one of the very best defensive coaches in football and he believes in his team even if you don't.

2. Andy Reid- What a great story Reid has been in Kansas City. He inherited the best 2-win team in NFL history.

3. Rob Chudzinski- He keeps losing quarterbacks and his team stays competitive. Nobody saw them at 3-2 through 5 games.

4. Bruce Arians- The Cardinals probably aren't as good as their record but they don't lose at home and Arians is getting the most out of a not-so-great roster.

5. Chuck Pagano- He's lucky to have Andrew Luck but he has a defense that's void of talent playing pretty well.

This Weekend's Best Games

1. Saints vs. Patriots- Super Bowl preview? Don't laugh, it could happen.

2. Packers vs. Ravens- Not a Super Bowl preview but it features 2 of the last 3 Super Bowl champs.

3. Florida vs. LSU- Florida may have the best defense in the nation even without Domenic Easley and LSU has a 1st round NFL quarterback. It should be a lot of fun.

4. Oregon vs. Washington- This will be the best test so far for the Ducks.

5. Jaguars vs. Broncos Everyone stares at a car accident. This is no different.


1. Ribs- Anything you can eat with just your hands is good. And it's more than okay to make a mess if it's delicious.

2. Pulled Pork- Generally more moist than beef dishes and is great plain or with sandwiches.

3. Brisket- When done well it's a lot of tender greatness.

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