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49ers Harbaugh On Eric Wright, Kapernick, Boldin

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media Monday afternoon about the Eric Wright situation, Colin Kapernick and the addition of Anquan Boldin.

Good to see everybody. How we doing?

So, I understand CB Eric Wright is not with the team?

Thats right, yes.

What happened?

Did not pass his physical.

What specifically did he fail?

We dont ever talk about that.

Youre not going to pursue him as a free agent or anything like that?

The information is he didnt pass his physical. Hes not on the team.

Were you aware of his DUI right before the trade, when you made the trade?

Really, the better guy to talk to is [general manager] Trent [Baalke]. Hes got a clear understanding of this specific transaction. So Ill defer to him on that.

During mini-camp you had some pretty strong words about the Seahawks and their Adderall problem and Eric Wright

I dont agree with that.


The way you characterized it.

You dont agree with how I characterized it?


You dont think those were strong words?

That I was aware?

Well, you said you wanted to make sure that your guys didnt do stuff like that, that you played by the rules, and yet Eric Wright did have some of that. Were you aware of that when you signed him, that that was in his past?

What Im going to say is, like I just said, talk to Trent on that. Hes a better person to talk to about it. Hes got a clear understanding of the transaction.

You did say that, I think you said, you wanted to be above reproach or beyond reproach.

Correct. That hasnt changed.

Do you think that everyone on your roster qualifies for that at this point?

I think our guys do a great job of playing within the rules, yes. And as a coach you anticipate and you deal with things as they occur. Anticipate and resolve.

Do you plan any discipline for LB Ahmad Brooks?

Not to discuss out here. Had conversations, but not that were going to talk about here.

Are you disappointed though, when things like that are public domain? These are things that people know about, about your team. Is there disappointment generally in an incident like that?

Not the time to talk about it. Not the time to talk about the specifics, one way or the other.

Is the matter closed in your mind? Have the 49ers done all that theyre going to do on the matter?

Like I told [Sacramento Bee beat writer] Matt [Barrows], Im not publicly discussing what our conversations have been with Ahmad, really, or any of our players.

When he signed his contract, you talked about you really feeling like he turned his life around, he had gotten back baptized and really matured. Does the incident change your view of Ahmad, kind of where he is in his life?

Again, Im not going to discuss it, and what my conversations with him have been. And as a general practice, we dont discuss those personal conversations with any player on our team.

Is he out here with some of the other vets that are allowed to come out and participate in the early portions of this camp?

No, hes not been out here for this particular camp. No.

When did you guys start practicing?



Well, it wasnt a practice. Friday was when they reported and they went through their acclamation day of a physical, equipment, lifting, conditioning.

But today wasnt the first day of them actually being out here, right?

No, today was the fourth day. Third day on the field.

Any highlights from those first few days?

Yeah, its been good. I think it gives our guys a chance to, again, once again, one other step to be ahead, understand information, be able to put the pads on the way they did today and go through a practice before the vets are here. They get more reps. They get a clear understanding of whats going on. So, I think its been a real positive thing. Something we did last year and continued this year.

And all four quarterbacks have been here the whole time through?


Youve talked about this before with QB Colin Kaepernick, even during the playoffs, you kind of accept the praise and you move forward. Hes obviously been talked a lot about. Hes been out there. He was at the ESPYs a little while ago. Do you have any conversation with him, or anything you want to discuss with us, about someone whos been exposed so much, so fast and maybe hadnt been leading into the last year or so?

Hes been outstanding. Hes had an outstanding offseason. Talked about it many times, his work ethic and what he does here and his preparation, its top notch. And this offseason has been outstanding in that regard.

Do you have any issues with him wearing a Miami Dolphins baseball cap?

I know [QB Colin] Kap. I know Kap and I know where his allegiances lie, and they lie with us. Chalk that up to a slow time in the media cycle. But I know Kap very well and know exactly where his allegiances are.

Do you think hes got to get use to knowing that people are going to take pictures of him wherever hes at, no matter what? Theyre going to respond to what he says on Twitter or whatever. Do you think hes got to take some getting use to that or do you think hes there already?

Yeah, as far as I know he likes to get his picture made, just like I do. That happens quite a bit, wherever he goes.

So you didnt have any issues with him wearing the hat?

I know exactly where his allegiances are. I know him. I know him. I know how he prepares. I know where his allegiances lie.

It was a short offseason obviously because you had the Super Bowl, but because we constantly want to talk about football and the 49ers, is it good to have the season get going where were not going to be maybe focused on the off-field stuff and just focus on football?

Its a happening when the season starts, especially when all of the veterans are here. That first day, I always think of it as New Years. Its like your birthday. Its like the start of a long journey whose conclusion isnt certain. Its all of those things on one day. Im very much looking forward to that on Wednesday and getting started. Because once you start, the instincts, the timing, the habits come right back. So, definitely looking forward to getting started.

Theres a new rule about pads. Have you gone over that with your team and whats the reaction from guys, especially skill players, who traditionally havent wanted to wear a lot of pads?

They vary a bit, but thats the rule. Their opinion, their take on it is different, but thats the rules.

What was your pad attitude when you were playing?

I dont recall what my pad attitude was.

Your pad-itude?

I loved it, I loved the armor.

So you wore the thigh pads and the hip pads?

Not wearing them now. No.

Im talking about when you were a player.

Yeah, the thigh pads and the knee pads, I think, is what I wore if I remember correctly.

You put a couple of your receivers on the PUP heading into camp. Are you going to be looking at other receivers? Is there some kind of need there just to have a couple of bodies in there that definitely are going to be practicing every day?

Well, we said from the beginning that the spots were opened up, especially for the young guys. Theyve competed and they continue to do that and that rages on. I really feel like theyre making a lot of progress. I feel good about where that stands right now, and the continued competition will continue to be good for our team and those youngsters. To answer your question; I feel good about those guys.

Do you expect WR Kyle Williams to start practicing this weekend?

I dont want to get in to commenting on the areas that the doctors and the trainers is their specialty.

Hes made a lot of obvious progress. It looks like that hes almost up to full speed. He said hes ready to go. Youre as optimistic and positive as he is?

Very optimistic, but Im not making any prediction.

What are your hopes for WR Anquan Boldin this season? How far can he go to fill in the void left by WR Michael Crabtrees injury?

Well, hes got the license and the ability to do that. Everything weve seen has been A-plus. What hes done in his career and then the time hes been with us has been outstanding. Very serious about winning. Very serious about football. I admire that about him. Hes not always the friendliest guy to sit down next to in a meeting or at lunch and have a conversation with, unless its about football. Hes just serious about it. It almost comes off as a little bit as - I dont want any distraction. I want to be focused on football. And, I think its a good thing for all of us. I think its a good thing for our younger players. I think its a good thing, and Ive noticed and Ive been impressed by it. The guy isnt a small talker. Hes serious about football and serious about winning. I respect that.

Has age caught up with him at all or is he still the same guy hes been throughout his career?

Like I said, everything has been good. Everything has been A-plus.

Hes starting on one side to start camp, who would be the penciled-in starter on the other side?

The three guys that we mentioned. Also, [WR] Marlon Moore has been doing an outstanding job. Rather than get focused on what the depth chart is now, well play this into camp and give the competition the importance that it deserves.

Will WR Michael Crabtree go on PUP or IR when he gets here?


I know that you probably dont know this precisely, but can you give us an indication of where he is in his rehab? Is he still on that track to get back at some point this season?

Talking to the doctor and talking to Michael [Crabtree], they feel very good at where he is right now. I wouldnt categorize it as ahead of schedule because hes just starting now to start moving on it. Its been just healing so far, but it looks great, thats from the words of the doctors. So, again optimistic there and Michael did a tremendous job post-surgery. Stayed in town. Did not leave, did not travel and did everything that he was being asked to do. They say it looks great.

Did the offseason seem short to you personally?

Glad its here. Glad, like I said, that day, you anticipate that day coming. This has been a good exercise for everybody, young guys, coaches getting back into, the ramping up to the start of the season and then on Wednesday everybody reports. Thats a big day. To me its better than Christmas. Its better than the New Year, because it is the new year. All of us that are involved in football recognize this as the start of the new year.

Could CB Lowell Rose come back to the roster?

Possibility. Yes.

Source: San Francisco 49ers Media


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