Week 12: NFL Defensive Power Rankings

Don’t look now but the Denver Broncos want to win a Super Bowl now and their defense continues to get better each week. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will test the Broncos defense this week at Mile High.

The Chicago Bears got back on track this past week causing turnovers left and right with the Minnesota Vikings. The New York Giants moved into the top five after they throttled the Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers.

RankLast WeekUp/Down TeamPts/G Int FFum Sack 
110Chicago Bears11 15.9201630.0
231San Francisco 49ers11 14.110828.0
341Denver Broncos11 20.1131537.0
42-2Seattle Seahawks11 16.8101029.0
5105New York Giants11 20.518730.0
660Arizona Cardinals11 20.6151030.0
792New England Patriots11 22.2142223.0
85-3Houston Texans11 19.2111030.0
98-1Atlanta Falcons11 19.6111126.0
10122Cincinnati Bengals11 22.581135.0
11132Cleveland Browns11 22.5131328.0
127-5Green Bay Packers11 22.312634.0
1311-2Miami Dolphins11 20.58729.0
14140St. Louis Rams11 23.112531.0
15183Baltimore Ravens11 19.911525.0
16204San Diego Chargers11 21.591222.0
17192Pittsburgh Steelers11 19.16922.0
1815-3Carolina Panthers11 24.181127.0
1917-2Tampa Bay Buccaneers11 23.116918.0
2016-4Minnesota Vikings11 22.66827.0
21210Washington Redskins11 25.914920.0
22253Buffalo Bills11 29.091127.0
23230Dallas Cowboys11 23.85924.0
24262Detroit Lions11 25.57525.0
2524-1New Orleans Saints11 27.68724.0
2622-4New York Jets11 26.481217.0
27292Tennessee Titans11 30.510923.0
2827-1Indianapolis Colts11 24.85523.0
2928-1Philadelphia Eagles11 25.67618.0
30300Kansas City Chiefs11 27.47519.0
31310Jacksonville Jaguars11 28.09913.0
32320Oakland Raiders11 32.46813.0

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