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38-Year Old Uehara Makes Playoff History

Source: Joe Posnanski, NBC Sports

UeharaSo, you probably know that this year Bostons Koji Uehara proved to be harder to reach base against than any pitcher in the history of baseball. Heres the list of the Top 10 WHIPs in baseball history, pitching at least 50 innings:

1. Koji Uehara, 2013, 0.565

2. Dennis Eckersley, 1989, 0.607

3. Dennis Eckersley, 1990, 0.614

4. Craig Kimbrel, 2012, 0.654

5. Mariano Rivera, 2008, 0.665

6. Joaquin Benoit, 2010, 0.680

7. Eric Gagne, 2003, 0.692

8. J.J. Putz, 2007, 0.698

9. Cla Meredith, 2006, 0.711

10. Takashi Saito, 2007, 0.715

Its a pretty remarkable array of talents, especially when you consider that Uehara is now 38 years old and the Red Sox tried two other guys before making him the closer.

All in all in the postseason, he has pitched eight innings, given up four hits, his WHIP is 0.500, and he has not walked a single batter.


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