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Can Jameis Winston play two pro sports?

Fox Sports Gabe Kapler offered a very interesting column this morning about the chances of FSU Heisman quarterback Jameis Winston playing both football in the NFL and Major League Baseball. Here is what he had to say on the subject.

The trickiest part of the conversation when trying to decide Jameis Winston?s best path between baseball and football is projection.

This element is what makes scouting so difficult and, frankly, so inexact. In football, is he JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young, Tim Couch or Andrew Luck? In America?s Pastime is he Matt Kemp or a first-round bust who never participates in an inning of Major League Baseball.

A prominent National League scout told me, ?Winston is not just an athlete or football player trying to play baseball. He?s a baseball player; he?s instinctive and has good understanding of the game. He just needs at-bats.?

What about as a pitcher?

?He?s 93-95 on the gun with a good, short slider and a solid feel for both,? the scout said. ?With some instruction you could get really excited about Winston.?

The scout suggested that if the Florida State star played only baseball, he could be a top-15 pick. He stopped short of suggesting Winston could go first overall but said had the QB been focused solely on baseball the last few years, he ?couldn?t rule it out.?

Josh Booty played third base for the Florida Marlins, grabbing a World Series? ring in 1997 as a September call-up, and was taken in the sixth round of the 2001 NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks as a quarterback out of LSU.

I caught up with Josh with the understanding that he fully comprehends what it takes to play each sport at the highest level. He also made tough decisions along the way, some of which he regrets. He was adamant that struggle is unavoidable, whether it's with the pigskin or with the bat. MORE...


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